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Baby Names that Mean Sun for Your Newborn between April to July

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Is your due date between the months of April to July? Are you looking for some names suited for your summer baby like bright and shiny names? After listing names that mean star or names that mean light, why not go for baby names that mean “sun”? There are a lot of baby names that mean “sun”, and we are telling you, you have a lot of choices!

The sun is a perfect inspiration for your child who was born in the months of summer. We looked at the different names for your summer baby, like baby girl names meaning sun rays or boy names that mean “sun”, we listed it with their exact meaning so, without further ado, let’s start!

Baby Names that Mean Sun


The name Aditya can be a unisex name but is often given to baby girls. In the list of Indian girl names meaning sun or light, this name means “sun” and it is a long-term favorite of the people. One of the most famous namesakes of this name is an Indian film director which is Aditya Chopra.


Apollo is one of the most famous baby names that mean “sun”. Apollo is the god of many things that’s why he is loved by many-music, light, poetry and the Sun. With the rise of Greek mythological names, why not consider this name for your baby?


Cyrus is a Persian name which means “sun”. It is popular with the Iranian community because they want to pay tribute to the founder of the Persian empire, Cyrus the Great. However, this name is getting popular and friendly nowadays.


Elio is a Spanish name and one of the baby names that mean “sun” from the Sun god, Helios. This name is very popular in France which is at the top 250.


This name means “sun” from the Hindi or Cambodian origin. In Hinduism, Arun is the name of the charioteer of the solar god and it became popular for over 40 years starting at the 1920s. 


Eleodoro is an unusual sun-inspired name. It is an exotic Spanish name that means “gift from the sun”. This name is also important to the Spanish community back in the 18th century.


This Biblical name means “sun” and was an Old Testament hero who had an extraordinary strength. However, his mistress had cut his hair which made him powerless. This name ranked #628 among the baby names that mean sun. 


Eliana is a unique yet beautiful choice for parents that means “daughter of the sun”. This name became famous in different countries like Spain, Russia, Portugal, Italy, and Israel. You can also consider its shortened version which is Ellen that means “sunshine light”.


Aelius is a Roman name which is from the Greek word that means “sun”. This name is also popular in Greek then Scandinavia and Norway. 


Phoebus is an alternative name for Apollo which can also be a gender-neutral name meaning sun. The name Phoebus can also be related to Phoebe from the TV series “Friends” and the character from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. 


Roshan is a Persian name but it is often used in India than any other country. This is one of the baby names that mean “sun” which became popular in Medieval times.


If you are looking for girl names meaning “god’s light”, this Scottish form of Helen which means “shining light” can be perfect for you. This name represents one of the brilliant heroines of the Arthurian legend who fell in love with Sir Lancelot and become the mother of Sir Galahad. 


The name Elidi means “gift of the sun” and was derived from the Greek roots. 

Given these names, do you already have something in mind? Unique and magical names for babies are becoming popular nowadays because parents often want to be one of a kind. Well, it’s fun to have a name which is one of a kind and you won’t even have someone similar to yours, right? So, we hope this list helped you in choosing your baby’s name!

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