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25 Month Old Toddler

Your 25-Month-Old began to mean your independence? We’re talking about trampling and crying, challenging all those other frustrating behaviors that are completely normal. Age 2 is perhaps the most stubborn, selfish and selfish creature on Earth. But now he understands that he is another person who can make something happen in the world.

25-month-old development

Notwithstanding your energizing character, your 25-month-old tyke’s body and mind develop and create step by step in various ways.

25 month old eight and height

The average weight of 25 months is usually about 27. 1 pound for girls and boys is about 28. 4 pounds. Furthermore, the normal height of girls around 34.0  inches and about 34 for boys. It’s 5 inches.

25 Month Old Milestones

Here’s an exciting but tedious milestone. Your 25-month-old may or may not reach work.:


Most 2-year-old can say 50 to 100 words. If your 25-month age does not speak now, tell your doctor. Some children will need:


Your child can cut out their second molars, they are known as 2-year-old molars, his teeth are really hot in 20 and 33 months (25 months for young children) but can big teeth. The positive news is that their last tooth comes out before the age of 6.

25-month-old behavior


You want to be responsible for your 25 months. Give your tyke a chance to settle on little choices, for example, the shirt he wears, yet don’t be hesitant to disapprove of significant choices.


A major emergency can, in any case, be an issue. Just be patient, and in time you will learn not to change so much.


Indeed, at this age, there are many complex actions that somehow depend on the nature of the child. Attempt to give your youngster a great deal of positive consideration when he is great.

25 Month Old sleep

Established sleep mode is an important key for young people aged 25 months (25 months for infants). So lie down and stand firm when it comes to rules, and stick to a quiet ritual. You should consider not following the path of negotiation every night, so keep a balance between consistency and pretty quick rules.

Most 2-year-olds sleep about 11-12 hours at night.

The little boy is unique, but the children’s schedule will be like this:

25 Month Old Sleep Schedule

25 Month Old Sleep Schedule

Night Waking

If you’re fully awake on your 25-month-old night, it can bother the whole family. To get a good night’s sleep, you can follow certain evening rules. It is normal to make an exception when your child is 25 months old he is sick, having nightmares or in the throes of teething. We will be happy to help you.

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25 Month Old Diet

It is a fact that 2-year-old children should continue to eat 3 times a day and 2 snacks. Different types of food are served daily in all food groups. The serving size is not as large as expected at this age, so expect your child to only eat a quarter of half as an adult.

Since your baby is 2 years old, you should take 1% or skim milk, stay away from entire milk. Also, try giving low-fat dairy products like yogurt and cheese. Doctors recommend children from 1 to 3 years to consume 700 mg of calcium per day. Fat should be less than 30% of your child’s daily caloric intake.

25 Month Old Feeding Schedule

25 Month Old Diet Schedule

Delicate food, it is better for your child to want to eat fruits and vegetables, but do not want to turn the dining table into a war zone, at the age of 2 will spy to not become ordinary and suspended.

25 Month Old Activities

Here are some fun activities, games and 25-month-old toys:

Pop-up toys.

Think of something similar to a jack of the box game or activity center with buttons and switches that make the letters disappear and appear.


Play-Doh as a straight forward toy, for example, a compartment of rice or dry beans, sand in the sandbox, or let your son handle things with his own hands. In this regard, there are many containers of different sizes, filled with containers of different sizes.

Musical Instruments.

A toy piano, drum or xylophone has a child’s experience with multiple recordings.


Consider taking your little one to the park, pet store, aquarium or train station to experience new places and appreciate sightseeing.

Pushing And Riding Toys.

Take your youngster to the Park, pet shop, Aquarium or train station to encounter another spot and acknowledge the travel industry.

Useful Tips:

  • It is casual for a 2-year-old to relapse and wants to be carried more than it is liked. Think of making trips more fun by giving your kid a sort of big child job, such as holding a bag of groceries while he’s walking. In addition to that, consider having an umbrella stroller handy for those hard-headed stubborn moments.
  • If you’re not in the mood to play with your child, that’s absolutely okay. So get him started on a session of pretend play and then cook dinner or get other tasks done while you’re checking on him from time to time.
  • The process of moving to a toddler bed could be a tough transition. However, if your kid is persistently climbing out of his crib, it is about time. Some parents advise using a crib tent to lower climbing but the issue is they are not considered as safe as you want your toddler to be.

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