36 Month Old Toddler

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Encourage us by following our pinterest Baby is celebrating the three years mark this month and from the start of its 36 months, your baby is fully aware of who he is and his place in the family. Awakening, development, and growth of the 36-Month-old baby Your child is now three years old and he … Read more36 Month Old Toddler

34 Month Old Toddler

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By asking questions, your 34-month-old baby will quickly realize that you have no answer to everything, how a 34-month-old toddler grows and develops? Awakening, growth, and development of the 34-month-old Baby At 34 months, Baby is now able to remember several songs and even sing them. He loves to pick up his favorite tracks and … Read more34 Month Old Toddler

32 Month Old Toddler

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Your child becomes more aware of other people and even begins to adapt his speech, his words to his interlocutor. He is able to use a different tone and vocabulary if he is surrounded by adults or children. You may also notice that he is simplifying his sentences to address children younger than him. Your … Read more32 Month Old Toddler

31 Month Old Toddler

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31 Month old toddler is about to celebrate his third birthday and seems to be more and more amusing. 31-month-old toddler though he can’t read yet, he is curious, and he loves to turn the pages of his favorite books. Awakening, Growth, And Development Of The 31-Month-Old Baby Baby is now 31 months old and … Read more31 Month Old Toddler

30 Month Old Toddler


30 Month Old toddler, the baby does not behave as before with his little friends. Gradually, his relationship evolves with others. Awakening, development, and growth of the 30-month-old baby Baby is now 30 months old and he loves being with children his age. Although he does not always play with them, he enjoys having close to … Read more30 Month Old Toddler

28 Month Old Toddler

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At the height of his 28 months, the baby still has some difficulties in the art of sociability. And yes, he still does not understand very well why he can not do that and still needs to impose limits. Awakening, growth, and development of the 28-month-old baby At 28 months, the baby does not always … Read more28 Month Old Toddler

27 Month Old Toddler

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Now, your 27-month-old toddler is considered as a capable child who may now learn brushing his teeth himself, undress, dress, wash his hands not only this but also do some simple household chores, flag-waving. Furthermore, Cue the brass bands as well! he is curious, he even loves to turn the pages of his favorite books. … Read more27 Month Old Toddler

26 Month Old Toddler

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Now, your 26-month-old toddler uses about 50 simple words, builds 2-word sentences and knows how to follow a 2-step instruction like: “Please take your shoes and give them to daddy. You probably understand one word out of two, but do not expect to fully understand your child before he is four years old. Young children … Read more26 Month Old Toddler

25 Month Old Toddler


Your 25-Month-Old began to mean your independence? We’re talking about trampling and crying, challenging all those other frustrating behaviors that are completely normal. Age 2 is perhaps the most stubborn, selfish and selfish creature on Earth. But now he understands that he is another person who can make something happen in the world. 25-month-old development Notwithstanding … Read more25 Month Old Toddler

24 Month Old Toddler

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24-month-old toddler! That’s it, the lesson is definitely over. It is already clear or will soon be well understood. He will love dancing and imitating you, a real little fun clown, let the fun times begin. Baby is celebrating this month their 2 full years and he/ she loves answering questions! At 24 months, his … Read more24 Month Old Toddler

22 Month Old Toddler

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The 22-month-old toddler, your baby asserts his personality, his reasoning and his ability to do things alone, like dressing or imitating you! Advice from Doctors are ought to be followed by the letter, we also recommended the following: At 22 months, your child keeps talking. He/ she formulates increasingly complex sentences and thoughts. He/she also … Read more22 Month Old Toddler