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26 Month Old Toddler

Now, your 26-month-old toddler uses about 50 simple words, builds 2-word sentences and knows how to follow a 2-step instruction like: “Please take your shoes and give them to daddy. You probably understand one word out of two, but do not expect to fully understand your child before he is four years old. Young children often confuse pronouns, so do not be surprised if your toddler prefers to completely remove them and say “baby takes,” “baby gives,” and so on. Your toddler continues to sharpen after his second birthday. His head grows and so do his legs, arms and torso lengthen. His body takes on different proportions. You may be afraid that he is not eating enough, but if you offer him nutritious and varied foods, everything he eats will be good for him.

Your child is testing your limits

Your patience sometimes borders on its limits when your little one tests his own by refusing to listen to you. Try to put yourself in his place: seeing the world from a toddler’s point of view can sometimes help to better understand his behavior.

Your Child is Testing Your Limits
Your Child is Testing Your Limits

Parenting tip for traveling with a toddler:

“Traveling with your child is easier now that he is a little older, but he still needs a little time to adjust to a new environment. Always bring toys and familiar objects like his blanket to make him feel like home. “

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When will your toddler be ready to sleep somewhere other than at home?

A separation, even if it takes place calmly, can be terribly stressful. It is important that as parents, you put your child’s interest first during this time. You are absolutely right in deciding that, for the moment, it is better for your toddler to sleep at home with their mom.

Your child is in a phase of development marked by the anguish of separation. The children begin to feel this anxiety between 7 and 12 months and this can continue until a particular period of their age. Children feel the anguish of separation when the person they receive the most attention for (usually their mom) walks away. Your child will be less anxious if his mother is not there and is with his father rather than with another adult. But a baby can be in a more delicate mood at the end of the day and it is better to be with his mother, in his own room, with his favorite objects, to fall asleep quietly.

Respect the rhythm of your child. When he feels comfortable enough to take a nap at home, you can let him sleep at night Take all his favorite toys as well as all the objects you can carry and that will reassure him, including his blanket. If you find that he is anxious or has trouble sleeping when he spends the night outside home, wait another month or two and try again.

Baby is celebrating this month its 26 months and never seems tired. He sulks when taking a nap or refuses to sleep during the afternoon.

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Awakening, growth, and development of the 26-month-old baby

Awakening, Growth, And Development Of The 26-month-old Baby

Baby is now 26 months old and he is already walking like a big one. Better than that, he manages today to jump! Beware of falls, an accident has quickly arrived. Always keep an eye on your little one who is not yet fully aware of the dangers around him. As simple questions to communicate with him, he speaks every day a little better and tries to make sentences more and more complex. Often two or three words, are still small and sometimes difficult to understand. Patience, your precious 26-month old child will soon make beautiful little speeches.

26 Month old baby’s diet

At 26 months, your baby eats about the same meals as the rest of the family. Nevertheless, some foods are still forbidden. For example, foods at risk of listeriosis should be avoided until 5 years. Among them are raw shellfish (mussels, oysters), pre-cooked meats, unpasteurized milk, and soft cheeses.

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26-Month-old feeding schedule

26-Month-Old Feeding Schedule

26 Month old child’s health

Baby is now 26 months old and you worry about her sleep pattern. Indeed, your child sulks the nap time but does not seem tired. Know that the 26-month-old toddler needs about ten hours of sleep a day. Make sure your child gets enough sleep, and if you can, let him sleep longer in the morning if you feel tired.

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Why should you teach your child to pee? To avoid his very unpleasant worries like repeated urinary infections – with the symptoms that go with: burning, tingling, stomach ache Here are the seven commandments of the clean useful pee to transmit: they need to be sure that the urinary system in full health, now and for all his life.

26-Month-old sleep schedule


Do not hold back!

This is an essential message to give your toddler, it is this one: do not hold the pee no matter what. Even if it was necessary to interrupt a game or to leave his copies a little moment! The good rhythm is every two hours. To do this, it is recommended to drink regularly small glasses of water during the day: at school, a child can, for example, take the habit of drinking a few sips at the tap at each recreation.

A bladder is made to be drained regularly. Failure to respect this natural need can lead to serious problems. By constantly retaining and keeping the sphincters contracted to avoid damage, your child may get hurt.

Take your time

Hurrying to finish, then putting his panties in a hurry to join friends faster! This will prevent your child from emptying his bladder completely. If the processed is not completed, the residual fermented urine and infectious germs can develop and proliferate. It is then a urinary infection.

Among those young people in a hurry who tend to hold or “slip” their pee, we often find children very dynamic, tonic, always moving: they have other things to do than lose precious minutes in the bathroom! Another profile is also common. Therefore, a child may be a family problem with his siblings, his troubled relationship with his parents or any other family, social concern. Or, the training of cleanliness has been complicated and marked by strong discords. He is very tense, unable to relax, including the sphincters. Proper rehabilitation will help him relax when he pees.

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The advice of the month

The main stages in the development of your toddler, a small notebook; telling the last memory of your child will be a precious one to keep forever.

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