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37 Weeks Pregnant

Around 37 weeks pregnant, many expectant mothers begin to organize cabinets and wash the floor. This phenomenon people call nests. It may be instinctive because your body feels that the baby will be here soon. I mean, all in all, you’re 37 weeks pregnant, which is considered early, which means you’re almost ready to have a baby. Nesting is also a way to try to make sure your brain is ready for as much as possible.

37th Week Pregnant Signs

37 th Week Pregnant Signs 1

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, the signs can be confused with the symptoms of childbirth. This is what you can feel this week:


The child continues to put pressure on his digestive system as he approaches his due date.


Spotting is a little normal at 37 weeks gestation, your cervix is extremely sensitive when you are pregnant, so sex can be irritated and bleed, but if it is more than a tiny drop of blood, consult your doctor. Vaginal bleeding can be a sign of placental problems, and it is important to treat it immediately.

Stretch Marks

New stretch marks may appear on his 37-week-old belly and every week from now on. Put this body oil in your hand and wrap it up when you can. In addition to drinking plenty of water, even if you go to the toilet every 2 minutes.

Abdominal Pressure

If a child falls into the pelvis as a sign of childbirth, he or she puts more pressure on his or her stomach, causing new tension on his or her feelings.

Trouble Sleeping

It’s normal to Wake up in the middle of the night at the end of pregnancy. Some sleep strategies: do a lot of light exercise during the day, drink a lot of water except before going to bed, and reduce caffeine intake.


At 37 weeks you should expect cramps or contractions. Your baby will soon be able to warm up, and when you sit down or lie down, contractions can pass. Let Braxton Hicks and not real labor.

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Stomach upset is very common at almost every point during pregnancy. However, it is very close to the deadline, so it may be a sign that you will soon begin childbirth. If you have severe nausea, especially if you are sick, tell your doctor to exclude the disease and complications during pregnancy.

37th Week Pregnant Labor Signs

37th Week Pregnant Labor Signs 1

As you approach childbirth every day, your chances of having a baby will increase. Various signs of childbirth usually indicate that they are coming soon, and those that do indicate that this is happening at the moment, and those signs of childbirth at 37 weeks of pregnancy, divided into two categories, can quickly enter into childbirth:

Mucus Plug Or Bloody Show

When you have thick slime on your underwear, a big piece will come in handy. It is the mucus plug that protects the cervix all this time. The more the cervix spreads, the more it exposes the sticky cap.


Some pregnant women may feel bad in the stomach before giving birth. So basically, you have 37 weeks to get pregnant and your nausea can be seen in your baby here.

Signs of childbirth are shown below, requiring a doctor to be called at this time :

Water Breaking

If you feel your water is leaking, it’s probably amniotic. Most women give birth within 12 hours of a water breakthrough.

Regular Contractions

If the contractions seem to be repetitive and they occur more and more often, then you have contractions. When your uterus contracts, the cervix expands for the baby to go through childbirth. If this is your first pregnancy, you may have regular contractions for a few hours before you start what is known as active labor.

Back Pain

Sometimes the child is placed in such a way that it puts additional pressure on the mother’s spine. If you have much more serious consistent back pain than what you have had so far during pregnancy, or if the pain is usually from the abdomen.

37th Week Pregnancy Ultrasound

37 week Pregnancy Ultrasound 1
37th Week Pregnancy Ultrasound

Ultrasound at 37 weeks can be performed as part of the biophysical profile. The profile is designed to determine your child’s health and well-being through ultrasound and stress test results.

For a mom 37 weeks pregnant with Twins, your doctor can talk to you about induction or cesarean section. Some doctors recommend this at 38 weeks of Gemini pregnancy, so you will meet your baby in a week.

Useful Tips:

– Schedule a 38-week prenatal visit.
– Perceive the symptoms of postpartum depression.
– Learn the basics of childcare.

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