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The Ultimate Apps for Couples Trying to Get Pregnant

Trying to get pregnant technology has provided us with joys in various ways (apps), either by instant communication, FaceTime, and of course.

Technology as well as have an important hidden role in aiding couples to get to the positive sign on the first signal tests. Setting aside the funny videos and video calls with family.

It might look like an exhausting process when you begin getting into Fertility Awareness Methods such as charting your basic body temperature, your changing cycles, your cervical mucus, and keeping a close eye on the calendar.

Thus, fertility awareness is a very strong way if you’re considering getting pregnant, since they have been reaching rates of great results that are around 90 percent, and the American Pregnancy Association approves it.

Technology has joined in to help, even more, aiding women in a balanced and enhanced tracking and monitoring, which results in giving a much more specific window to give it a chance and try, it could be life-changing, you could never know.

There are loads of technologies that help out and there are amazing options that offer different levels of help:

1. Clearblue Connected Ovulation Test System

Clearblue Connected Ovulation Test System

When you know the timing of your ovulating is made easier due to this smart, Bluetooth acquired ovulation test. Science proves that it has the ability to detect any surge in your luteinizing hormone and with a 99% accurate fact, this test would uncover for you your best fertile days and synch all that information to your smartphone in the meantime. It is able to save your fertility data and does also send you actual reminders of the right timing for testing.

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2. Modern Fertility

Modern Fertility

The thing that could be so helpful way before starting your conception procedure is to have a personalized report that gives you insights on your hormone levels and fertility health in general.

Modern Fertility kit allows women to have a “Fertility Measurement Index” by a blood sample taken.

This chart could become a monitoring and tracking tool that women are able to use to check up on their ovarian “stock”, their ovulation system, and most importantly, their fertility health.

3. Ava Bracelet

The Ava bracelet should be your best friend since it is working while you’re sleeping and has motion sensors that can measure 9 factors like your resting pulse rate; your skin temperature, your sleep cycle, and your heat level.

Ava is really able to detect around 5.3 fertile days per cycle and at about 89 percent that is factual. Now, that’s mind-blowing!

4. Kindara

It is a fertility tracking app that makes you understand your cycles and other essential things when trying to conceive, such as cervical changes and the basal body temperature.

Kindara offers you a separate oral thermometer named Wink that automatically syncs your data to the app to access more accurate results, and offers you an overall insight on perfect timings to consider trying to conceive.

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5. Tempdrop


It is another incredible one to add to the list of fertility that is actually wearables.

When you’re sleeping so, usually you must wear this on your upper arm and it gathers thousands of data during the night around your movement and heat level.

This gadget syncs with many various pregnancy apps, which gives you a wider choice in the app you choose where your information is going to be saved.

6. Ovia Fertility

Ovia Fertility

This app offers you specific algorithms that provide a custom overall view of your reproductive and general health.

It does not just go for tracking cycles and ovulation, Ovia Fertility does also sync with many popular fitness wearables, and it fully merges with Apple Health to provide you with a more panoramic view on your health.

It can provide a whole community of users to talk to and have feedbacks on your fertility journey (get pregnant).

7. Expectful


Considering the process of trying to have a baby is definitely an emotional long ride, so, obviously, stress is the least useful thing to get during this process.

8. Percept

Consider EarlySense Percept if you do not want to pee on a stick anymore.

It will collect your data and would be sent to your phone and then it tracks your cycles and provide you with the highest strongest times to conceive.

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