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4 Weeks Pregnant

It’s fun to be able to have a lot of women up to the news to get pregnant once every 4 weeks pregnant. Early signs of pregnancy are not always noticeable so that you may feel differently.

4 Week Pregnant Signs

4 Week Pregnant Signs
4 Week Pregnant Signs

Somehow it is quite normal to get pregnant for 4 weeks without any symptoms. These are the factors that can be expected at 4 weeks of pregnancy:

1. Bloating.

This is due to the fact that edema is caused by hormones and progesterone during pregnancy. So get out your comfy pants.

2. Mild Cramps.

At 4 weeks gestation, seizures may actually be a sign that your baby has been implanted directly into the uterine wall. Therefore, you should immediately consult a physician about any cramping or pain at 4 weeks pregnant.

3. Spotting.

Light bleeding may also occur during implantation within 4 weeks. So don’t worry, this is also absolutely normal. If there is a lot of blood that lasts more than 2 days, you should consult your doctor.

4. Mood Swings.

 It’s not just in your head. His mood is crazy, mostly because of his fluctuating hormones. Mood changes during pregnancy are most difficult in the first 12 weeks. And after that, the hormone balance a bit.

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5. Morning Sickness.

Morning sickness worsens mostly around 9 weeks and then slowly gets better over time.

6. Fatigue.

One of the most common symptoms of 4 weeks of pregnancy is absolute fatigue because your body is working hard to raise this baby.

7. Sore Breasts.

Your Breasts are swollen, you have a sensitive nipple because of the hormones that surround it, and you argue with your body that the baby is coming, so you won’t get it.

4 Week Pregnant Tummy

4 Week Pregnant Tummy
4 Week Pregnant Tummy

Since the abdomen may swell within 4 weeks of pregnancy, you are sure that you are not yet fully pregnant. But you still have to act like a mother.

If your child is not already taking it, developing critical to the 4th week of pregnancy, then you are going to start taking prenatal vitamins by taking it every day, looking for at least those of about 400 micrograms of folic acid.

4 Week Pregnant Ultrasound

At week 4, the cells became an embryo and placenta. Baby tubes, which are the building blocks of the spine, brain, and spine, have already made it into shape. The amniotic SAC and liquid form a protective foam for your baby. However, when sonography during pregnancy in 4 weeks I can’t see much, but there is a small place called the pouch during pregnancy.

But you do not have an ultrasound on the 4th week (4th week of pregnancy). If you call your doctor to tell him that you are pregnant at 4 weeks, they will congratulate you and then within a month you should eat well, drink plenty of water, avoid unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol and Smoking during which your first uterus.

Useful Tips:

– Consult your doctor and make your first prenatal appointment.

– Stop drinking and Smoking

– Consider prenatal vitamins.

– Tell me about your partner’s news.

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