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5 Weeks Pregnant

At week 5 of pregnancy, Your baby will look like an Apple seed. Her embryos are now measured, however, in the 5th week of pregnancy. In fact, next week your baby will double its size.

5th Week Pregnant Signs

The pregnancy signs you feel at week 5 are just the beginning of the changes in the processes your body is trying to go through. It is not necessary to reduce the entire pregnancy in the middle of pregnancy. Take care, rest and eat right. If you are wondering what to expect in the fifth week of pregnancy, you can find a detailed list:

1. Sore Breasts

Sore breasts

Morning sickness comes everywhere, however, your chest pain may be the most common symptom after 5 weeks of pregnancy.

2. Morning Sickness

Nausea in the early stages of pregnancy can occur not only in the morning but at any time of the day. Unfortunately, expectant mothers feel full most often during the day. This is a great way to experiment with different ways to get rid of nausea, which is best. Therefore, eating small but frequent meals is a good option.

3. Fatigue


At 5 weeks of pregnancy, it’s quite normal to want to take a NAP in the middle of dinner, mostly anywhere, at business meetings. So do a light workout and you will not lower your blood sugar by one point and you will lose more energy than you have already drowned.

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4. Frequent Urination

Frequent urination

You could see for yourself that in the first weeks of pregnancy you need to write a lot more. This is because your kidneys eventually grow out of their natural pathways.

5. Cramps


After about 4-5 weeks, seizures become a sign that the embryo is properly implanted in the uterine line. If you experience severe pain during the 5 weeks of pregnancy, consult your doctor immediately or it will also be a sign that your uterus is expanding.

6. Spotting

Scars can appear in the fifth week of pregnancy, can be frightening, but also a small blood spot on the underwear can be a sign of implantation. But if there is such a thing as bleeding, and does not get dirty after 5 weeks of pregnancy, you should immediately consult a doctor.

5th Week Pregnant Tummy

5th Week Pregnant Tummy

When you get to week five, you may feel like you’ve changed so much, so don’t worry, all pregnant women are different and they’re different.

You probably start to think a little about the total weight of pregnancy, well, the doctor advised you to gain a few pounds during the first trimester, and that’s not all.

Basically, the correct answer is that you need to gain weight.

Your doctor will recommend an individual weight gain and you just know that it is really huge and depends on your body type.

Useful Tips:

– Maintain a healthy diet

– Start your own pregnancy diary.

– Plan how to save for your next small.

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