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7 Tips For a Smooth Labor

Labor can be a hustle! Read on to discover our tips on what is helpful for you and what isn’t on that big joyful day.

Labor: Stay Fit.

Stay Fit

Pregnant women who stay in shape usually have shorter labors. Fitness enhances your endurance, and the more you can handle and tolerate labor, the less likely you will be needing any medical intervention such as C-Section. You could walk, swim, or even go to a prenatal workout class during your pregnancy, indeed after getting approval from your doctor or a midwife.

Labor: Childbirth Classes

Childbirth Classes

Making yourself familiar with all the levels of childbirth and consider the comfort measures that should be practiced before your labor day will really help you feel at ease, which results in an easier labor. Choose well the right childbirth classes for you, and opt for smaller classes, around 10 couples maximum.

Labor Good Support System

Good Support System

If you are working, your spouse is usually with you, but you can add to help further. A study was done and it has showed that women who had constant care provided by the doula which is someone who’s basically trained to support a laboring mother with her partner, there were 50 percent less probability of needing  a C-Section and 30 percent less probability of needing any pain medication, and they have also experienced a labor 25 percent way shorter than the women who did not get this care. Therefore, we consider that doula is the one who will accompany you. You, your partner and the baby would be comfortable with the doula you choose to hire.

Snack Wisely

Snack Wisely

Healthy snacks are easy in the early stages of work and help maintain high levels of energy at home. Therefore, avoid digestive fats and hard foods as your stomach is full and you will feel dizzy or puke when you are out of work. Rapid muscle, contraction and breathing during childbirth can also cause rapid fluid loss. Recent studies have been conducted by the University of California, and have shown that the speed is doubled. From there the liquid can actually work in the short term for more than an hour.

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Choose The Tub

Choose The Tub

Soaking in the tub can do wonders, it enables you to change positions easily by moving around in the warm water, and the tub’s Jacuzzi jets pouring strong water at the lower back can ease the intense contractions.

Get a Massage

Get A Massage

When you stimulate a place that is feeling pain, either with pressure or the heat; it gentles the pain by providing messages that are being sent to soothe the brain. So allow your partner to know what feels great. You might need a shoulder or neck massage in the labor’s first hours; such as a strong pressure on your lower back during the strong transition stages.

Just Breathe

Just Breathe

Organized and balanced breathing helps you focus when those contractions happen. so, consider taking slow breaths between the cramps as that would aid you in resting and relaxing, Shilling states. Therefore, during your labor, go for any relaxation techniques that you have tried and actually help you in your everyday life like deep breathing, maybe dreaming about a favorite place, or even listening to your favorite music. Most of all, remember that even there are many factors about labor and birth, you should bear in mind that every labor, after all, has an end, but that end reveals the start of a new life. The reason why even the most miserable labors are probably the most worthy thing you’ll ever do.

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