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49 Awsome Baby Names Starting With H

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Baby Names Starting with H, which the letter H Means power, creativity, and wisdom. While the letter H is equivalent to number Eight which has influenced several revolutionary figures, including those who sacrificed themselves to support the poor and oppressed.

Baby Boys Names Starting With H.


Habib is also used as a word of affection by adding the letter ” i “at the end of the male version of Habib or the” ti ” female version of Habib.


Blacksmith, blacksmith, blacksmith; often used as a surname and name, Haddad was the God of storms for the Seminary.


In the second century, the darkest century, the Roman Emperor Hadrian built a magnificent wall in Britain. Named after him, the wall still stands as one of the wonders of the world.


In Greek mythology, Haemon was the son of CREON and fiancé of Antigone. He is the memory of Antigone in his defense and his arguments about wise leadership.


In the Scandinavian legend, Kagan was the villain of the one who killed Siegfried.

6. HALE.

From remote valley, health; English name and Hawaiian version of Harry.


In fairy tales, the pied Piper saves citizens from rats, but does not pay for his efforts, he also attracts children.


Handel is a form of John that is most often spoken in German. It’s a short, very happy place when you touch Germany that you’ll be attracted to unintentionally.


The old German name in Haines is a popular underwear brand associated with the United States. Do your son a favor and avoid bullying. But if it is established in practice, it can serve as a patronymic.


Del Prado de la Hare; the Harley name associated with the famous Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Traditionally, children’s names are now increasingly used for both sexes.


Land or Bunny farm in the land army, the Harley or the Harley name and version.

12. HARM.

Harm is a short Dutch form of Herman, which is still very popular. Like Hans, it’s easy to understand, but Americans will probably use it as a nickname.


Commander of the army; Harald has been popular since the Viking age and led by several kings of Norway.

14. HAWK.

When this name was created, Hunting with a Falcon was considered an aristocratic sport.


From the cliffs health and covered health rocks, romantic nature of the turbulent vertices Emily Bronte..


Heather or an open area of Land covered with the same Heather, a familiar form for Heathcliff and the associated name.

17. HEINZ.

Let parents. Do you really want to associate Heinz ketchup with your son? I do not think so.


The house is the name of a young Greek sun God who drove a four-wheeled cart through the sky every day.

19. HENRY.

Considered powerful and traditional in the UK and independent in the US, Henry has long been accepted by monarchs, including the first eight kings of England in the name of a timeless child with content and style, and real names are also popular with Hollywood royalty and rock stars.

20. HID.

Due to its Anglo-Saxon origin and phonetic simplicity, Hid is a unique name for children. The name is not currently popular in the United States, but your son can take it from hiding.


Hillel is the name of a Jewish organization that supports College students. Rabbi Hiller launched the Talmud.


From the river Islands, the name of the great fictional detective, Sherlock.

23. HORAC.

Comes from the Roman clan Horatio and the famous Roman poet.


High vigilante, noble vigilante, historically powerful family English name.


Hudson is an old English surname that literally means “hadd’s son” and has gained great popularity as a strong baby name. Many associate the name with the romantic Comedy Galan Rock Hudson and the distinctive Kate Hudson, it is the name of an alternative Brooklyn or new York city downtown and a place where you can also search for a classic but interesting name.

26. HUNT.

Surname adapted to the use of the usual form of the name is similar to the hunter, whether hunting with the first name.

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Baby Girls Names Starting With H.


The spelling Katja, which means gift, suggestion or good behavior, quiet.


Last name used as the first name now, meadow covered with Heather or Heather.


A variant of Adrian and Adriana women dark Adriatic region.

30. HAILE.

The girl’s name that means “inhabitants of the hay of the steppe”, Haley has 10 different spellings: Hailey, Haley, Hayley, Hailey, etc., However, does not leave a capricious aftertaste. This name sounds sweet and strong as I write it.

31. HAGAR.

Flight; in the old Testament, Hagar was Sarah’s Egyptian maid, who was considered the Arab founder and became a concubine of Abraham and the mother of Ishmael.


The surname, also used as a variant of Hayley, from the meadows near the hall (referring to the large estate or a house).

33. HANNA.

Not just Hannah, Hannah is a new spelling alternative to the tried and true h ultimate classics.


Moms love the charm of old Hollywood names such as Ava and Audrey and Sophia, and this is a relatively unique name that acts as the name of Patricia Arquette and Nicole Richie and Joel Maddy are still boys and girls.


Unity, Concordia, musically tuned; harmony was the mythical daughter of Aphrodite.


What makes Harper popular when author Harper Lee published her classic novel kill the Mockingbird, a name that is considered the boy’s name in the nineteenth century, has gained great power now with the right and left luminaries who baptized their daughter Harper. This is noteworthy given that until the mid-2000s there were no radar name errors for any of the genera.

37. HAVEN.

Haven is a really modern name: it did not start to appear in the list of baby names until the 1990s, he still has a sense of the classic virtues without much stronger connotations heavenly name.

38. HAZEL.

If you’re looking for a plant name that isn’t too flower, try hazel. Hazel ignores the land of companies with a beautiful vintage feel and even 60.


This name was so fashionable in the 1970s and 1980s that a film named after him (Heather is filmed by Winona Ryder) even appeared. The film named all the popular girls in the school. Starting to feel bad, parents took note as most things that were great in Heather days tend to happen. Name down, down, down to 500 thump lands on the list of names.

40. HEIDE.

Synonymous names Adelaide in different countries and languages of Adelaide, Adelaide, Adelaide, Adelaide, Adelaide, Adelaide, Adelaide, Adelaide, Adelaide.


Elena, the Latin version of Elena, is the proper name of the goddess (or child). In Greek mythology, Elena was the daughter of Zeus in Reda and was the most beautiful woman in the world. Capturing the “face launched by a thousand ships,” Paris unleashed the Trojan war. The name was also one of the favorites of William Shakespeare,who used it in his two most famous works”blah” if you find a little summer night’s sleep, and all the classic Helen and the most sensitive and feminine Helena are also ahead.


A variant of Elena; in mythology, the kidnapping of his daughter Zeus, Elena, caused the Trojan war.


Born of good earth; feminine form of Hermes, and, in Greek mythology, daughter of Menelaus and Helen. Children and adults will certainly learn the name of the character in the Harry Potter series, Joan Rowling.

44. HERO.

Heroes; in Greek mythology, a hero was the lover Liander that every night swam across Hellespont to meet her. The hero also plays a lot of fuss about what Shakespeare’s character’s name is.

45. HILD.

Battle maiden defense. This means Hildegard.


Thanks to the former first lady and Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, Hillary will always be associated with”fort, the go-get-em woman”. The name has become synonymous with a person who is practically a single name such as beyoncé or Britney. The only downside is that the popularity of the name is very much influenced because parents are shy to name their daughter after someone very famous.

47. HONOR.

Where did the name without the name of your son’s celebrity come from? Fortunately, this honor should never be known. After actress Jessica Alba baptized her daughter in honor of her first-born, the name emerged from the relative darkness. The name of Puritan virtue, honor was not, and in the United States is still not very popular.

48. HOPE.

Hope is a sweet and simple “name of virtue” (with goodwill and grace) that has been a constant favorite among parents for decades. The name originally used by the Puritan, among the first 1000 per year, has since 1880, with the exception of one. Hope is also often used as a middle name.


Humility is one of the great names of virtue. Unlike world religions and grace, humbly never had the opportunity to be the center of attention and probably never did. He will always have to learn to be content with the shadow of his Puritan sister’s name. But okay, in the end, build character.

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