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The 30 Most Meaningful Strong Girl Names To Inspire a Brave Little One

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Amazing and solid names delineate a feeling of resolution and immovable assurance. In the event that you have been looking for the correct name for your little heavenly attendant, your inquiry finishes here.

The Kingdom of Baby has amassed a get-together of strong and mind-boggling youngster names from Hebrew, Arabic, Old English, Sanskrit, and Old German social orders, which are sure to give a sentiment of fortifying to your kid youngster.

Get a Glimpse On The Rundown Below On The Most 30 Powerful Baby Girl Names:

  • Aadya:  It means the power that gave the push-start to the five elements and five senses.
  • Valerie: It means ‘strength, health.’
  • Bree: The meaning of Bree is ‘strength or an exalted one’.
  • Andrea: It means ‘strong.’
  • Valencia: It means ‘brave and strong.’
  • Rainey: Meaning ‘counsel power’.
  • Adira: It means ‘strong’ in Hebrew.
  • Melisende: It means ‘strong in work’.
  • Althea: It means ‘with healing power’.
  •  Briana: It means ‘strong, virtuous and honorable.’
  • Philomena: Greek name meaning ‘lover of strength.’
  • Gertrude: Meaning ‘spear of strength’.
  • Isa: Meaning ‘strong-willed.’
  • Valentina: It means ‘strength.’
  • Edrei: Meaning ‘strong and powerful.’
  • Jaiyana: Means “strength”.

Read Also:

  • Karleen: Meaning ‘womanly strength.’
  • Emersyn: Means ‘bravery or powerful.’
  • Wyetta: Meaning ‘war strength.’
  • Kendra: Meaning ‘enthusiastic power or wise ruler.’
  • Valda: Meaning ‘rule and power.’
  • Audelia: It means ‘strength and nobility’.
  • Maliha: This’s a Muslim name, meaning ‘beauty and strength’.
  • Gesa: Meaning ‘strength of a spear’.
  • Gabriella: It means ‘God is my strength.’
  • Elfrida: Meaning ‘elf power.’ 
  • Millicent: Meaning ‘strong at work’.
  • Bernadette: Meaning ‘strong and brave as a bear.’
  • Audrey: Meaning ‘noble strength’.
  • Carla: Means ‘who possesses strength’.

We would love to know which ones are your favorites! Comment below and share with us!

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