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7 Essential Things to Pack in C-Section Hospital Bag

It is important to prepare things for the baby and not only for your pregnancy. Pregnancy itself is the most crucial thing and experience that any woman may experience but it is also most crucial to prepare for the things that the baby will need. For instance, you may have some baby list ahead of you that you need to buy like a cute toddler bed and the best diapers for toddlers. Another thing that you might need to consider also is the nursery room from which the baby will stay. 

However, before these procedures came through, you need to take note of the necessary things that you’re going to bring on your labor at the hospital. This is what you called “the go bag” and you might consider having some Zapp bags for your babies.

On another note, if you have been in the C-Section and you have not survived the normal delivery. There are some things that you need to keep ahead of your game. And we will help you out with that in this article! We will give you out the things on what to pack for my hospital bag, hospital bag checklist for mom, some realistic c section hospital bag, advice on what mom needs after a c-section, and will I need maternity pads after c-section?

Packing up your C-Section Hospital Bag

We know and understand that it might be your first time to encounter having a baby or being in a c-section and might not have enough idea what to pack for your C-section hospital bag. Kindly take care of these things and the possible do’s and don’ts for you to get ready before your labor days! Now, these things are needed to prepare whether it will be on or before your delivery or even during labor. There’s no actual answer with the question “When to start packing hospital bag?” because the real answer would and probably the best would be now.

7 Essential Things To Pack in C-Section Hospital Bag

Baby’s clothes

Who would have forgotten to bring these things? Baby’s clothes are one of the most important parts to pack up and are very necessary when you have your delivery. Don’t forget the best onesies options!

Birth Plan

It is important to never forget to bring and pack your birth plan to remind and keep align on your baby’s preference. You may believe it or not but this includes lowering the screen so you could be able to see your baby being born. 


The phone is not necessary only for taking photos but for emergency calls. Of course, your partner will handle these things for you.

Drinks and Food

Keep in mind that the C-Section is scheduled and not the time like a normal delivery. You will eventually wait until your OB will cut out and deliver your baby.


It is important to bring and pack some nightshirts after you have delivered safely the baby. For more comfortable night sleep, get some loose shirts for you to move freely.

Maternity Pads

Don’t ever forget this kind of thing! Maternity pads will save you from your bleeding wombs and might need to cover it up at for at least 24 hours. Keep this on the c-section hospital checklist 2019.

Nursing Bras

You will be needing nursing bras because you will eventually breastfeed your baby right after she or he has been delivered. It is highly recommended to read these tips on how to buy a nursing bra for you!


Recovering from C-Section Faster might quite hard and also tough to ease the c-section pain. Packing your hospital bag and keeping in mind all the necessary methods that you need to take action. C-Section delivery and its potential risk of internal bleeding are quite alarming if it will happen and these materials are merely some of the things that you might be needed but there is still a lot of install for you and your partner that you need to prepare. 

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