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Ear Whistle, Ear Ringing, Tinnitus During Pregnancy

Experiencing mild to severe ear whistling during pregnancy is a common phenomenon experienced by many soon to be mothers around the world.

Furthermore, it is important to take note that pregnant women need increased precaution and medical monitoring during this time because their lives are at stake here and at the same time their baby’s growth and development must be exceeded.

With that said, pregnancy can often bring bothersome symptoms such as moderate to severe headaches, hot flashes, fever-like symptoms and other problems, problems that include ear whistling or ringing of the ears.

If you’re pregnant and experiencing ringing of your ears, there’s no need to worry because it is entirely normal and part of symptoms of pregnancy, there has been a research study that concludes that many expectant mothers experience ringing of ears during pregnancy.

In this article we’re going to show you why ringing of ears happens during pregnancy and what can you do in order to prevent or minimize its bothersome effect.

What causes Tinnitus during pregnancy?

Tinnitus or ear whistling or ear ringing is a known symptom of numerous disorders, pregnant women just like anyone can often develop ringing of ears from ear damage caused by high-frequency volume and sometimes caused by other serious diseases like Meniere’s disease that requires medical attention.

Ringing ears can also be caused by extreme stress during pregnancy or high blood pressure during pregnancy. This is also very true for expectant mothers who had a history of having high blood pressure even before getting pregnant, however not all mothers experiencing ringing ears have high blood pressure. 

Sometimes if a pregnant mother experiences this without any serious history of high blood pressure or ear damage and the ear ringing is usually accompanied by extreme nausea, headaches, or any health problems, this might be a sign of hypertension that needs to be addressed immediately. That is why if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms it is best to consult your doctor for medical intervention.

You can also make sure or prevent tinnitus by having a healthy and active lifestyle, limiting stress, avoiding loud sounds which can make you and your baby more healthy.

Does Progesterone cause tinnitus in pregnant women?

Yes, many pregnant women may suffer from tinnitus due to increased progesterone production that may be caused by the pregnant woman’s hormonal fluctuations.

Progesterone is just one of the many sex hormones that are regularly released in large amounts usually along with other hormones that may cause “building” and mixing up of all the other hormones that cause all the related problems you might be having.

It is also important to take more than ringing of the ears is also a sign of development of early preeclampsia. The preeclampsia is a disease that is defined by a spike of blood pressure linked to the increased production of protein in the urine.

In this article we’re going to show you why ringing of ears happen during pregnancy and what can you do in order to prevent or minimize its bothersome effect

Final notes: 

The ringing of ears is just one of the bothersome symptoms of pregnancy that can be relieved by making sure you get enough vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and good fats.

It is also important to make sure you get a proper check-up from your doctor to make sure you are getting through a safe pregnancy where your health is at utmost priority and also making sure your baby is growing and developing at a healthy rate.

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