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7 Key Ways to Encourage a Toddler to Talk

7 Key Ways to Encourage a Toddler to Talk

Most parents are waiting for their kids’ milestones. One of these milestones is the time when they utter their first words. As we have always been saying, development in children varies from one to another. Some kids learn to talk earlier than others. As soon as they start talking, it is the parents’ primary duty to assist them in their language development. If it seems like your toddlers are not talking, here are 7 ways to encourage them to talk. 

Talk often.

Studies show that children learn to speak because they are spoken to. If your toddlers are not interested in talking, parents should speak to them often so that they will be encouraged. It is also better to create eye contact when the child is talking to you and show them that you are interested in. Help them feel confident and compliment them every time he communicates successfully. You can say, “Very good! That’s your pillow.” Focus on what he is saying than how clear he says it. This can make them feel confident in talking.

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Let them see what you mean. 

When you say, “Let us remove your shoes,” do it while removing their shoes. You can show them a banana when you are saying “Here’s your banana. You can expose him to new things and situations to introduce more words. In this case, it will be easier for them to relate words in actions and things. You can also use their daily routines to teach new words like, “It’s eating time,” every time he eats or “It’s bath time,” when he is going to take a bath.

Read them stories.

Don’t think that it is too early for your kids to read. It is not just a good foundation for your kids to love books, reading, and learning. It helps kids to learn new words and associate them with actual things and situations through pictures in kids’ books and will encourage toddlers to talk.

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Use toys and games.

Kids love to play with their toys and this can make talking fun. You can join them while playing and encourage them to talk about what they are doing. You can start small conversations to give them opportunities to talk. If your kids like to play their dining set, you can use it to teach about dining utensils and food. Include also their favorite stuffed animal and action figures and pretend that they are real. Also, there are games where you can encourage conversations. Let older siblings join and take turns acting out what one is saying. These can help kids observe and imitate what you are all doing and learn to contribute to conversations.

Practice kids’ listening skills.

Parents and kids can learn to listen to music and audiobooks together. There are also downloadable kids’ songs to encourage speaking. There is always a direct link between listening and speaking and developing kids’ listening skills can help with children’s language development.

Follow your children’s cues.

If your kids happen to be interested in cars when you read about it in a book, you can focus there. Show them other pictures of cars or you can take some time out to show them real cars. Conversation can be longer and toddlers can keep on talking when you talk about the things they are interested in.

Limit children’s exposure to modern gadgets.

Studies show that the overuse of mobile devices in kids can hamper their communication skills as they tend to isolate themselves from others and just focus on their gadgets.  Encourage your kids to interact with other kids and adults to practice their communication skills. Too much mobile and online games can be harmful to kids.
Make the process of learning to talk less stressful for kids. That can only make them feel bored and tired which can slow down their speech development. These 7 key ways to encourage a toddler to talk can make it more fun and entertaining making kids feel excited about it. 

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