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4 Things To Contemplate Before Freezing Your Eggs

Egg freezing or cryopreservation of eggs. This is a procedure of infertility in which eggs are removed from the ovaries; Frozen and stored for later use if you want to get pregnant without fertilization.

The start of treatment is similar to IVF. For in vitro fertilization (IVF) hormone injections are performed for 4 to 6 weeks before the eggs are removed.

The injection is usually “removes” the eggs with the manufacturing of the hormone naturally over the menstrual cycle; Followed by 10-14 days of hormone injections to stimulate the ovaries.

The Egg Freezing Process

When these eggs Mature, it will be extracted, which in retuns disappear from your ovaries. The doctor introduces a needle under ultrasound guidance through the vaginal opening in the ovaries.

This procedure is always carried out with moderate intravenous sedation and has no pain.

Immediately after removal, it analyzes the freeze damage. And it coagulates healthy eggs in liquid nitrogen containers and is normally stored in the laboratory of the bearing’s fertilization center.

The technology is so new that we do not know how long frozen eggs are stored. Some experts give a duration of about five years, others for ten years.

When a woman is ready to carry a Baby, her eggs are immediately thawed with a warm solution.

As with In vitro fertilization, fertilization is carried out after fertilization of the sperm by a process called intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

The examination of the oocyte can take 3 to 5 days. If you choose growth and fertilization, you will be transported as an embryo through a catheter into the female uterus.

You Need To Do a Lot Of Research

You need to do a lot of research

For a complete list; Simply enter your Status and zip code into the online directory of the American Reproductive Medicine Association (ASRM).

On the other hand, it is a bit cumbersome to find out which fertilizer company is most suitable for you.

Parcel, a woman who went through the experience, says: “It’s not just about finding a professional center,” . “It’s about finding a center for freezing and storing eggs, which also shows the success rate. Maybe any egg can be frozen.”You can, but the question is, “Do you freeze them in the right way?”

Eggs are usually fragile, and freeze-sensitive so that there is a practical ability, says Parcel.

“The worst thing that can happen is that the woman has the insurance that eggs are safe; But at this time may not be sufficiently frozen and the process cannot survive. It can unzip. 

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It’s Going To Cost a Lot Of Money

It's going to cost a lot of money

Overall, insurance coverage for the costs of freezing your eggs is unknown; Although some providers may help you with some pharmaceutical bills.

The cost you pay is usually between $ 7,500 and $ 12,500 for each cooling cycle. Between $ 2,800 and $ 5,000 for medicines, and $ 800 for annual storage of your eggs.

And sometimes, depending on the age of the woman and her egg quality, it will take several cycles to extract the 10 – 30 eggs recommended.

Many centers offer initial counseling and birth diagnosis. In most cases, this assessment includes Monitoring of the ovarian function, the Review of hormone levels, consultation with a doctor and ultrasound examinations for other important diagnostic Tests. “At least you get the information you need and you can be a good customer to determine whether the freezing of eggs matches your preferences,” says Parcel.

A Successful Pregnancy Is Not Guaranteed

A successful pregnancy is not guaranteed

A new technology that does not have much research to determine the success rate of freezing eggs. Also, there is no mechanism by which Disease Control and prevention centers or the Reproductive Medical Association (SART) monitor the success rate of this process.

Although some clinics may have a 40-50% buildup rate; the sample size may still be small and there may be some overestimation of the results of use. Dr. Eric Widra, Chairman of the SART practice Committee and head of obstetrics for Shady Grove said,

“Believe me, I think it is a technology that changed the game, and I’m very excited; especially for women who know they want children, and insurance for the future “The future,” he says.

“But to claim that thawing eggs are an absolutely reliable new technology, we need to honestly and realistically assess the exact amount of information we have “

Therefore, the medical risk of freezing eggs in itself is very rare; but the risk of pregnancy is higher in women of childbearing age.

If you are pregnant at the age of 35, you not only have a higher risk of pregnancy diabetes; high blood pressure and loss of a pregnancy, but also a higher risk of chromosomal anomalies and premature births.

Note: most fertility experts have confirmed that the younger the egg, the more likely it is to be pregnant.

It Can Bring You Peace Of Mind

Many medical experts; including the endocrinologist and fertility specialist Elizabeth Fino from the NYU Langone Fertility Center in New York, it is possible to freeze eggs even though it has many warnings. It has positive psychological effects on women and helps them to feel stronger.

“Women who let their eggs freeze felt astonishingly relieved by social pressure and made research to show that they had absolute peace in mind,” she says.

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