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5 Ideal and Fascinating Baby Names That Mean Business for Newborn

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Baby-names are quite hard to think of because you need a lot of considerations and even things to compare. For quite some time, you may think of some wild west names for your baby. If you’re a kind of busy parents, you might be having some business that you are handling on and have been managing for the last years and ages. You may be expecting a newborn baby too along the way. So, in any case, and by any chance you may want to think of some baby names that mean business for newborns.

There are a lot of choices down the road (which is most probably the internet) with how you can name your babies with the said categories. For instance, the business does not solely means the business itself but you can also define it as the brand of choice of people. In that case, would you like to name your baby Washing because you have a laundry business at home? Perhaps, Washington would do. It is a cool and unique name to name your baby since Washington has been used by so many popular royal baby names. 

That’s just an example. You can be creative and more unusual than you used to be in naming your baby. The more different the better! But please don’t be too hard on your child about spelling his or her nickname then. 

5 Ideal and fascinating baby names that mean business for newborn

It is not actually about the “business” itself but rather how your child will run the business by herself or himself. So meaning, it could also be a career and objective wise prospect in upbringing and choosing the right name for him or her. We wouldn’t want you to suffer so we’re here to help you name the best baby names that mean business for a newborn! Take notes on this possible list that you might just like. 


Steven sounds nice, classic and elegant. Steven has become popular among the boy’s name and parents have been naming their kids with this. We’re giving you a hint, the name Steven has been used in the United States popularly around the 1950s and ’60s. A bit interesting because Captain America’s name was also Steven (without an N). There are a lot of successful guys and practitioners who are named after Steven or Steve. 


No, it is not a character from Split but it is just Patricia. It is definitely at the top 10 of the most popular career and business names for girls. Patricia has been chosen as one of the executive names in the corporate and business world. It does sound great and elegant too. A person who’s named after Patricia is the Vice President and CFO of Chevron which is Patricia Yarrington. Not convinced yet?


Not for anything else, aside from William Shakespeare. The name William has a diverse scope and aspect of the business world. It is  not only a name for a royal king or a duke but it also racing towards the finish line of the business industry.


It is not Mary who has a little lamb but Mary has been used by almost every successful businesswoman in the entrepreneur industry. Surprisingly, Mary ranked first in the United States for being a popular name and even used nicknames for ladies. You will not be confused because there is a girl named Mary in the Forbes and Times Magazine if you may want to. One of the most well-known Mary is the CEO of GM which is Mary Barra. 


You might wonder some and most are these popular and successful names are attached with biblical Greek and Hebrew names. Of course, you bet that everything that they do, they offer their service to God and whomever they preach into. David has been consistently on the top rank in the successful names in the business industry. Parents have chosen this name because it is not only easy to remember but has a great meaning behind it. 

In conclusion

It may be odd to name your baby Chanel, Adidas or Nike. However, it is up to you if you want your child to become different and to stand out among everyone else. Try naming your baby the 1980’s most popular baby names. Always keep in mind that your child’s growth and development is the most important factor among all of the things that will happen to you and your family. 

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