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Top 8 Most Uplifting Phrases Every Kid Needs to Hear

Words have a very huge impact on people, especially children. Words have a very big effect on kids in ways we could not imagine. Positive words can build someone up and it can empower them. Words carry power and emotions that have the ability to break or make someone’s mood or upbringing. Words from loved ones especially parents are important for kids. That’s why parents should be extra careful about what they say to their kids and how they say it. Parents may at times say the wrong thing to their children and they feel awful and regret it at times. That’s the reason parents need to learn how to control their words and be tactful in how they say it. 

When parents say positive and upbuilding words to their children, they, in turn, motivate and encourage them. It has a positive effect on them especially when it said at the right time, the right way, and it’s genuine. 

To help parents know what to say to help and motivate their children, here is a list of the top 8 best phrases every kid should hear:

I know you can do it!

When kids are filled with anxieties and fear, encouraging words like this are very powerful to them. An extra push from parents can give them extra confidence to make it through. This phrase is just simple but it gives them a deep meaning that there are people who believe in them. It makes them believe in themselves as well. 

It’s okay, just try again!

Parents know very well that failure is a natural part of life. Everybody fails sometimes, and your kids are no exception. So when they experience failures, remind them that it is normal and everybody commits mistakes and fails sometimes. Parents can help their children learn the lesson and the importance of perseverance, patience, and the right attitude. 

I’m proud of you

Even when kids grow up, they still love to get approval from their parents. Simple words like “I’m proud of you” is very powerful. When parents compliment their kids in this phrase, it’s like they are telling them that even if they fail or they succeed, their parents still love them. It’s an assurance of their worth somehow that they are doing the right thing and they are on the right path. Parents should remember to use this phrase when they genuinely feel proud of their children, and even when they are old enough, they will still love to hear these words and they still need it.

I love you

This phrase is very obvious on its meaning but parents need to cultivate this habit of saying this simple yet important phrase. It should not be a routine but you should say it in times you need and want to. This phrase is a solid foundation in the family and will never go out of style. 

I’m sorry

Parents can also make mistakes so it is important they own up to their own shortcomings. They should also apologize without making any excuses. This serves as a good example of humility to children. They will imitate this good example and it will be easier for them to say sorry as well because they can see that you say it when you make mistakes. The best way to teach is to demonstrate.

I trust you

Telling your kids that you trust them is a big thing for them. It is a big confidence builder for them when you put your trust in them and say it. They are more likely to perform better because of the confidence you are giving them. 

What’s on your mind?

By asking them what they think and listening when they express their feelings, the line of communication will open. You can urge and encourage your child to speak about their ideas, thoughts, and emotions especially about what’s going on at school or in their friends. It reminds them that you are there to listen to them without judging them. 

I forgive you

When your kids commit mistakes, it is important to remind yourself to forgive them and tell them when you do. It helps them understand forgiveness and shows them how to extend that to others. When they receive forgiveness, they are more likely to become children or adults who freely forgives. 

The list of 8 best phrases every kid needs to hear is a compilation of recommended and very well selected phrases that really help kids become better children and adults in the future. May you practice saying these phrases and recognize the right time when you need to say it because kids need to hear it as well. 

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