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All About the Uterus Endometrial Shape, Cancer, Known facts

What does the uterine shape look like? What is its importance and how relevant is the organ in getting pregnant?

Uterus and its philosophic symbolism

Uterus and its philosophic symbolism

This organ is a great symbol of womanhood and motherhood. It is commonly attributed to the symbolism of fertility and abundance is an amazing part of the woman’s reproductive system where all of the humans including us, came from.

The shape of the uterus

The woman’s womb is the part of a woman’s body where the fetus develops and matures during the pregnancy period. So, the uterine is commonly shaped like the fruit – pear, which is positioned upside-down near the pelvic area. Therefore, It has thick lining and walls measuring about 6-7.5 cm from top to bottom and 3-5 cm deep.

The endometrial shape of the uterine which is usually positioned ante flexed. Therefore, it is a common position of uterus to many women around the world. Although there are rare cases where the uterus is unusually tilted backward heading towards the spine. This occurrence is called a retroverted uterus.

Types of endometrial abnormalities

There are also different types of abnormally shaped uterus, which are named as septate, bicornuate, arcuate, didelphys and unicornuate.

A bicornuate uterus is a type of abnormally shaped uterus wherein there is a pair of wombs with one cervix compared to the normal one with one womb and one cervix. So, The arcuate uterus is where there is a slight lump inside the womb. It is a minor abnormality that is the most common and usually doesn’t result in any complications.

Uterus didelphys is another type of uterine abnormality wherein there are two separated wombs and cervix. A unicornuate uterus is a smaller than normal uterus and the septate uterus is where the womb is only one but is separated by a muscular wall called septum

Although the shape of the uterus is not considered an abnormality or a complication. However, It is not even medically diagnosed, it may slightly affect the way of child-bearing for a woman; it won’t affect a woman’s chance of getting pregnant. There are even rarer complications such as agenesis in which the vagina is not developed causing difficulty in intercourse and pregnancy.

Uterine abnormalities can cause no problems in developing pregnancy, although abnormalities can make it harder for a woman to get pregnant and can cause premature birth or miscarriage.

However, it is always important to have a routine check-up of your endometrial system to detect and prevent early signs of uterine cancer or endometrial cancer, which can cause a lot of complications like difficulty in child-bearing, trouble in urinating, abnormal bleeding down the vagina, pelvic discomfort and excruciating sensations when having sex.

Endometrial Cancer: how it happens and how to prevent it?

Uterine cancer is more common among obese women and women who have undergone through menopause, uterine cancer may also be genetic and women who have also undergone estrogen hormone therapy may be at higher risk of developing this type of cancer.

To test whether a woman is at risk of getting uterine cancer includes ultrasound scans, MR1 tests, pelvic examination and biopsy, the common and available treatments to this cancer are the removal of the uterus itself (hysterectomy), radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy.

In order to prevent complications from happening, there are ways to prevent the formation of cancer which includes:

  • Eating clean – organic and healthy fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants, low-fat protein, carbohydrates, omega-3 fats
  • Maintaining a healthy weight by eating right and exercising daily to prevent obesity
  • Marinating healthy and stabilized blood sugar levels by being mindful of the food intake due to the fact that diabetes can cause an onset of endometrial cancer growth rate.
  • Lowering animal-fat protein especially the highly-processed omega-6 rich fats which cause an increase in the growth rate of cancer cells, animal fats have been also linked to obesity

a daily quantity of zinc and selenium supplements which can lower the growth of cancer cells in different parts of the body including the endometrial wall

· Taking birth control pills especially the progestin-secreting intrauterine device (IUD) which is placed inside the uterus, its main goal is to prevent conception although studies have found that it can prevent endometrial cancer from happening.

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