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Ways to Help Increase Your Fertility

Ideals ways to boost your fertility and to increase your chances to get pregnant

If you are yearning to become pregnant, and to become a mother of a child; it requires you to go through the given methods to increase your fertility:

Evaluate your cervical mucus

First of all, ovulation plays a significant role in determining your rate of fertilization. It enables you to start preparing yourself to get pregnant for your eventual pregnancy, assessing and evaluating your cervical mucous could determine it.

If you are paying attention to your cervical mucus;  then you should notice that it’s quality and quantity change throughout your ovulation cycle. Your ovulation cycle does start when you are done with your menstruation and you are usually the most fertile during this phase. 

Start eating in abundance

Carrying a baby is a huge responsibility, and you will go through a number of changes during your pregnancy.

If you are trying to get pregnant, you should consider nourishing your body so you could carry and grow a child in your womb.

Several gynecologists and obstetricians emphasize on maintaining a healthy diet and eating in abundance to boost your fertility rate, and to nurture a child in your womb.

If you consume edible items that are rich with irons, vitamins, folic acid, omega-3 fatty acids and proteins; and these nutrients constitute to stabilize and strengthen your reproductive system, and facilitate you to get pregnant fast.

Also, you can boost your nutrients intake by consuming salmon or seafood twice a week, and you should also consume edible items that are enriched with DHA—a fatty acid found in fish oil, and it will benefit you immensely.

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Maintain the ideal weight to become pregnant

To become pregnant or, to boost your fertility rate, you are required to maintain an ideal weight which enables you to get pregnant.

Otherwise, studies and scientific researches show that women with a body mass index lower than 19 kg/m2 have a less likely to get pregnant as compared to the women who have a BMI of more than 22 kg/m2.

When you are expecting a child, you are guaranteed to gain pregnancy weight which is near your current body weight.

However, if you are trying to get pregnant—you should maintain your ideal weight.

If you are overweight, your fat cells will generate a healthy dose of estrogen which will affect your ovaries, and disable your eggs from becoming fertilized. You should consider losing 6-8 percent of your current body weight to become eligible for getting pregnant.

Consult your ob-gyn on a regular basis

If you are trying to boost your fertility level, you should consult your ob-gyn, and ask for her expert recommendation. She will examine your system to determine your ability to get pregnant fast, and she will prescribe you with a list of prenatal vitamins and supplementary medications.

Thus, she will also recommend you to participate in a number of physical activities like yoga and meditation to boost your fertilization; and it would help you to become pregnant within a short time span. However, your ob-gyn will also look for a few hereditary issues which could serve as an obstacle for you.

Start taking vitamins in abundance

It is a fact that the intake of prenatal vitamins might help you boost your fertility, and it could result in early pregnancy.

You should consider asking your ob-gyn to prescribe you the prenatal vitamins which will give your reproduction system a boost.

However, prenatal vitamins could be categorized as OTC or specified; so you must take the recommendation of your ob-gyn into your consideration before you proceed further.

Your ob-gyn could either prescribe you with a prenatal vitamin with folic acid or just folic acid. These supplementary nutrients are useful for improving your fertility level.

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