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All You Need To Know About Ear Popping During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the milestones in the life of a woman. It is the time when you are miraculously blessed with a child in your womb for 9 months. As we know, pregnancy is one of the hardest a person a woman can encounter. It is not easy to carry another person in your tummy and take care of yourself and your child simultaneously. There are a lot of things and processes that can be considered when a woman is pregnant, most especially in cases if the woman’s pregnancy is sensitive. You have to take note of all of the possible changes that might happen through the 9 months. 

Indeed, this phase in a woman’s life is not a joke. Either one of their lives could be put in danger that’s why a lot of medications, vitamins, and other injectable precautions are being taken by the mother to protect her and the baby and keep them healthy together. A lot of complications and symptoms a pregnant woman can experience this process. Some are craving different kinds of fruits, juices, pasta, and many other foods. Junks should be avoided by pregnant women as it is not healthy for them and there are usually too many preservatives that are being added to the food. Physically, each woman encounters different kinds of changes. Some get bigger, other women form mumps with some of their body parts, others get dark spots on their skin and some have form stretch marks around their stomach or legs. 

These are just normal symptoms that a woman may have gone through pregnancy. It’s a miracle on how they have successfully run such things from a day to day basis while taking care of their husband, doing household chores or even assisting her first kids at school. A common sign that a pregnant woman may also encounter is clogged ears during pregnancy or what they call ear popping. 

Ear Popping

Ear popping usually causes differences in air pressure. It is a muffled sound happening

inside the ear. At times, it may mean you suffer from Eustachian tube dysfunction or ETD. On another note, you may assume that your ears are full of wax that may have caused this kind of ear-popping. In a normal situation, the ear and inside and outside have the same pressure. But there are a lot of reasons that the Eustachian tube can block this passage which connects the middle ear to the back of the throat and nasal way. When this kind of situation happens, the Eustachian tube cannot maintain the correct and enough air pressure in the air. Right at this moment, you feel that you need to pop your ears in able for you to hear a popping sound or to clear the stuffiness inside your ears. In the medical term, ear-popping is called ear barotrauma.

The causes of ear popping during pregnancy

Many future mommies are worried when they encounter this kind of problem. They fear that this might cause an effect on their baby or worse to themselves. However, Ear Popping is not a symptom of pregnancy. This is quite common for women to experience some infections during pregnancy. Some of the reasons why Ear popping occurs in pregnancy are:

  • Sinus Infections can also trigger having ear popping. Eardrums can cause problems in the Eustachian tube. Usually, cold and allergies and many other infections in the respiratory can cause this ear popping or ear clogged sounds.
  • This occurs during air travel or by riding an airplane. At this time, at underwater or higher altitudes. Air pressure in our ear gradually changes. This might be one of the reasons for this problem.
  • A problem occurring in the Eustachian tube could also be a sign of why you can hear a popping sound or a clogged ear. This can be an inborn problem.

Problems you might encounter and the remedies you can do

These might be the common problems you might feel when you have ear popping during pregnancies:

  • Pain inside the ear
  • Stuffiness inside the ear
  • Tenderness inside the ear
  • Soreness 
  • Feeling Irritated
  • Hearing Loss
  • Dizziness

While these probable causes are listed above, there are different reasons why you can encounter this kind of problem. But the most suggested way is to first consult your doctor regarding this kind of matter. Go to your doctor and ask what could be the possible reasons why such things happen and what could you do to ease and lessen the pain or to clear it all out. 

Your doctor may suggest a variety of ways for you to be treated as soon as possible. For the popping sound in your ear, your doctor may suggest that you stretch your jaws, yawn often and chew some gum. This kind of practice may help you ease the pain or remove the popping sound. If the problem can be a cause of ear wax, cleaning up your affected earbud can already help.

Try to take a deep breath and blow your nose gently while pinching your nostrils closed and keeping your mouth shut. If you hear a popping noise that’s been popped. You’ve been successful with it. However, that is not a recommended thing to do most especially when you are pregnant. That may cause a certain side effect to you or may make the problem even worse. Your doctor may also suggest that you take some nasal sprays and some medicines if the latter solutions cannot address the problem. 

Ear popping may be a small problem or a small thing to worry about. But when something’s usually wrong when you’re pregnant, don’t underestimate this kind of thing that occurs because it may be a serious symptom. You have to take care of yourself during pregnancy and continuously consult your doctor from to time. These kinds of things are not only the things that a pregnant woman had encountered while pregnant. There are more serious cases that happen and they need to be well addressed as early as possible. 

What about you? Have you experienced an Ear Clogged or Ear Popping during pregnancy? 

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