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The Best Names That Mean Star For Baby Boys and Girls!

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Look and reach for the beautiful stars! 

Names have meanings and they symbolize various great cultural and historical manifestos, that is the reason why even a simple naming of a baby can be a difficult responsibility and choice for a parent.

A parent has to pick a name that will intuitively fit the baby’s fate and at the same time would look good in a written paper and would sound good when you utter it.

Sometimes parents can look to different inspirational names that are are a great way to pick a future name for your baby, commonly known sources that are taken inspiration of are names of beautiful cities and countries, historical names, nature, botany, pop culture figures, Greek gods and goddesses and even biblical and celestial beings, but sometimes looking inspiration for baby names can be just as easy as you look into the nighttime sky and see the glory of those pearly stars shining above you.

Names that are related to celestial stars have been a unique way of naming your baby and not only that it gives an air of sophistication and galactical power compared to the traditional and most commonly known English names that have been used over and over again for centuries.

Star-related or star names also signify a great innovation in baby names, most star names are unisex which means it can be great if your planning early on naming your baby and you don’t know yet the baby’s gender.

Star names also impart great symbolic meaning, star names are elegant, beautiful, out of this world, innovative and other-worldly, star names are something that parents should look up to, with that said let’s take the best star names for baby boys and girls!

1. Betelgeuse 

Betelgeuse is a unique magnificent androgynous name but more inclined to the masculine.

Betelgeuse is a great and unique name to be picked it is an androgynous name and is highly innovative, Betelgeuse is a great star name due to its sound and meaning.

Betelgeuse is an actual star found in the celestial, it is the name of the brightest stars that shine in the constellation of Orion, it also has many other connotations including the meaning “house of the twins” and “hand of the central one”.

Betelgeuse is certainly an unusual name but it is a great pick considering its various mystical meanings.

2. Ylli

If you’re looking for a great star name that is short, easy to remember and easy to pronounce then the name Ylli is perfect for your future baby boy or girl.

Ylli has its great etymology on the indo-European languages particularly the Albanian language, in Albania the name Ylli literally means star and this name has been a great noble star-related name that is associated with the very first Illyrian king called Hyllus which is soundly similar to the name Hylli.

3. Zeke

Another top male name on our list is the name Zeke which has its origins in the Arabic dialects, Zeke is full of masculine strength and vigor, it exudes very masculine energy which is great for baby boys.

Zeke is the Arabic term which solely means ” a shooting star”, Zeke is also strangely similar to other known and commonly used English male names such as Zach, Isaac, Zachary, and Zayn.

Zeke is a great unique name to be incorporated as your baby boy’s first name but it can also be a great choice for your baby boy’s middle name.

4. Elektra

Electra is a very edgy, chic and badass name that is unknowingly for many is a star-related name, if you want your baby girl’s name to be chic and stylish then you can choose Elektra as a great name choice.

Elektra is pertaining to the bright and shining stars during the evening and has its roots from the Greek language, Elektra is also a notable figure in Greek Mythology, Elektra is a Pleiad, a special type of creature, she was the sister of another powerful figure Orestes, the two of them planned in killing their own mother Clytemnestra.

5. Stela

Another popular and classic name for baby girls is the reality-based name Stela, Stela is the Romanian wording of the English name Stella and it means a beautiful star.

Stela is a great name for your future baby girl to own due to its beauty, uncertain magnificence and power, Stela is also a great name that can be blended with other feminine names such as Stela Rose, Stela Marie, Stela Mae, Stela Victoria and so on.

Aside from it’s versatile nature, stela is also a great feminine name that has it’s rooted in the European specifically Icelandic and Greenlandic name in which the name stela is heavily associated with the Roman goddess of love Venus or the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite, Stela is a name that signifies great joy, compassion, and feminine beauty.

6. Vespera

Another topping female name on our list is the name Vespera, it is a subtly elegant and exotic name for baby girls which has its Spanish origins.

Vespra is an Esperanto name that heavily implies “the evening star” or beautiful evening stars, this name will surely be a good head-turning name that everyone would swoon over due to its opulent and luxurious accent.

7. Aries

Last but not the least of our lucky 7 best star-related names is the name Aries, Aries is the known constellation seen in the skies forming a ram, Aries is considered a very powerful and courageous name for boys, in the Greek Mythology Aries was heavily associated with blood, red and war.

Aries is a great name to be incorporated in your future baby boys name, it speaks strength and great male vigor and energy.

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