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All You Should Know About Neglectful Parenting

Parents are the first social contact that a child makes. Parents are not only influential for their children, but they also have significant control over their kids.

For a variety of reasons; parents may become too involved in their personal and professional lives, and as a result, they unknowingly overlook the needs and demands of their child.

This is referred to as uninvolved or Neglectful Parenting.

What Is Neglectful Parenting Style?

Uninvolved or Neglectful Parenting; is the parenting style where parents usually have no or minimal involvement; in the overall needs and demands of their child.

In general, it is the parenting style where parents have the least involvement; or hardly bother about academic, physical, emotional and other crucial aspects of their kid’s life.

They usually fulfill the basic or bare aspects of their kid’s life like clothing, shelter, food and more.

What Are The Characteristics Of Neglectful Parenting?

  • Parents Occupied Mostly in Personal Life – Parents who are too occupied and tied up in dealing with the challenges of their lives like social; professional and emotional problems; then they are unconsciously resorting to Neglectful Parenting. They are more focused in solving their issues in life and concerned about their personal and professional lives which tend them to have the least interest in life of their kids.
  • Unsuitable Supervision – In many cases parents choose either of extreme approaches: parents may be too lenient towards their child; and are not aware of what they are involved in or they may be too strict which may limit their social involvement.
  • Lacking in Emotional Attachment with Kids – Many parents known for uninvolved parenting are not attached to their kids emotionally, and provide only the basic needs of their kids. They are totally unaware of the things happening in their child’s life. They don’t know what their child is doing in school; how many friends they have and other emotional aspects of their kid’s life.
  • Substance Abuses  – Parents who are addicted to alcohol or illegal drugs and other abusive substances; may become uninvolved towards their kids.
  • Parents Lacking in Showing Affection – There are also parents who lack in showing their love and affection towards their child. They don’t hug, kiss or show their gratitude towards their kids. They might have different approaches towards their kids.

Impacts Of Neglectful Parenting On Child

It is observed that kids are affected more than one way due to Neglectful Parenting.

Some of the impacts of uninvolved parenting include:

  • The child struggles a lot in finding their true identity in life and often become too timid and shy
  • The child usually feels directionless and pointless and get easily lost
  • Girls are badly impacted due to uninvolved parenting and become emotionally weak in life. This hampers them from having a successful relationship in their life as they are always seeking love and affection from their first social contacts.
  • Boys are also affected badly as they become a bad decision-maker in life and find difficulty in taking decisions in life. They may not even become a good dad in the future.

Consequences Of Neglectful Or Uninvolved Parenting

Below is the list of consequences that the child may have to encounter in their life because of Neglectful Parenting.

  • Because of lack in guidance, the child may feel directionless and lost in life. They may become disenchanted and find difficulty in making even the simple decisions in life.
  • If your child is not feeling the affection and love, then their psychological development may get impacted adversely.
  • A child always follows the steps of their parents and if they are getting such ignored parenting, then they may follow the same with their future kids.
  • When there are no set rules or orders in house, the child tends to find it difficult to follow the orders elsewhere too
  • When the child is overlooked and ignored, there is a higher chance that they may get into substance abuse in the future. If the parents are into substance abuse the risk even increases with their kids too
  • Because of a lack of guidance and supervision, the persona of the child may not develop completely and they may find it difficult to find their personality later
  • There is a higher chance to develop depression and physiological disorders by the child in the future when they are facing Neglectful Parenting.
  • Since the child is not equipped to deal with emotions, they may show signs of extreme emotions in life like anxiety, fear and more.
  • If the child is not nurtured well and cared for during parenting, then they may have to take care of themselves and this may hamper their innocence and may get lost swiftly.

Ways To Overcome From Neglectful Parenting:

If you are following the style of Neglectful Parenting; then it is the time to overcome it as it may impact the development of your child adversely. Although you may not be able to do what is already done, with certain amendments; you can overcome from uninvolved parenting.

  • Express love and affection to kids and let them know that you love and value them.
  • Encourage your kids to make decisions and offer them with reliable solutions if you think they may falter.
  • If you see your kid not too active and feeling low; talk with them and try to find reasons behind it.
  • No matter how busy you are in life; always make out time for kids and spend quality time with them.
  • Open new channels of communication with kids and don’t be unapproachable.

If you think that overcoming from such a style of parenting is not easy for you, then seek the help of a professional.

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