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Effective Ways To Deal With Pregnancy Scare

If you are active sexually, then at some point in your sexual history you will face a situation which is termed as Pregnancy Scare. Whether you have been two weeks late or two days late, the scares of pregnancy are a reality and it is all the same which is also horrifically testifying for most of the couples. Your youth, career, and relationship flashes before your eyes and suddenly everything become languish and you are in the state knowing nothing that to do.

Well without getting anxious read on this handy guide on how to navigate and deal with the unwanted or unexpected pregnancy and the difficult conversation that comes from Pregnancy Scare.

1. Avoid Running From It

You must not avoid running from such situations. You must not freak out or avoid taking calls from your partner in the sake of overlooking the situation or problem. You need to understand that it won’t go away if you pretend to do so. It is the time when your partner demands you to be calm, capable and strong.

Reality is that your partner is freaking out even more than you. So, sit back with her and your thoughts for some time until you say something supportive and useful.

2. Avoid Getting Accusatory

Usually people blame their partner for the Pregnancy Scare out of terror and as a result, they may adopt the accusatory tone and blame her for not being safe during intercourse. But you must avoid such tone as she is already beating herself up with the feeling of potential life shift.

You must prevent yourself from falling into that anger sated trap by using tone and words which are not soothing and non-judgemental. Give her the required space and make her feel calm and allow her to express her anxieties without pressing her unnecessarily with anger.

3. Be Realistic

Couples usually believe that they are the only couple dealing with such situations, but in reality, they are not alone as there are many with Pregnancy Scare. So, keeping this in mind you need to be realistic and pragmatic. This is probably the most comforting and effective thought process for such situations.

Suggest your partner with some sensible actions which you both can handle. This can help her go a long way in mollifying her anxiety. Express her that you are a responsible adult who is equally worried about the scare. If you manage to break down the worries into small chunk sizes it would become easier for you and your partner to minimize the stress and anxiety.

4. Avoid Pressurizing Your Partner For Abortion

Regrettably, this is the most common conversation in the Pregnancy Scare. You are required to oppose the temptation to push for an answer and avoid bringing the option of abortion into the limelight before the pregnancy is confirmed. It is too pushy and early and this may freak your partner even more.

You must also ensure that the conversation doesn’t go too far to the south. Rather than framing pregnancy as her problem, you must take a stand and make her feel that you are ready to take up the pregnancy on your shoulder along with your partner.

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5. Avoid Reacting Too Selfish And Think For Future Once

For most of people, pregnancy news is just too quick and scary. But the Pregnancy Scare not necessarily signifies any exact issue. But your reaction to such situations can potentially cause some issues between your relationships.

Scares during pregnancy are not an isolated situation and you are not required to move on as if nothing has occurred. If you have brought up something spiteful or being too callous, then this may take a toll on your relationship. So, ensure to consider the situation as a kind of intense relationship test. In the middle of all these things, your partner would get a chance to assess how you would react during the crisis in the future. You make the mistake of saying something hurtful to your partner; you won’t be able to overcome the scares. As the panic subsides, ensure to react kindly with your partner with certain considerations.

6. Communicate With Your Partner And Indulge Her In Every Step

If your pregnancy test is showing positive results, ensure that you discuss the same with your partner with a positive note. If you are taking her to a professional for checkups, then tell your partner about it. You must stand with her for support and give her the required strength to cope up with Pregnancy Scare. This will give her peace of mind and also ease the anxiety which she has been combating with since the news of her pregnancy.

It is necessary that you indulge your partner in every decision and try to discuss things with her to make her feel comfortable and at ease.

Most of the people usually react negatively when they are under pressure. But keeping the pressure aside you must focus on moving from this with generosity and grace. Ensure to apologize if you come across your partner as a jerk, understand that she is having more bad time than you and she might be feeling too sensitive currently.

If you manage to handle Pregnancy Scare maturely, then you can easily tackle the situation smoothly and continue with your relationship without facing any challenges and difficulties. So, be the couple to set an example and ensure to be by the side of your partner in difficult times.

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