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Magical 70 Ancient Egyptian Baby Names

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There’s something enchanted about Egypt. Regardless of whether it is the brilliant past of the country that throws a shadow over the present or whether the Nile Valley offers a route to the brutality of the desert, the tastefulness, and appeal of this spot are incredible.

Much the same as the nation, the ancient Egyptian baby names are an ideal mix of over an extensive period. Since an enormous level of present-day Egypt’s populace involves Christians or Muslims, the child names mirror those religions.

In any case, that doesn’t mean old Egyptian names have stops to exist. These names are still being used in certain pieces of the nation.

So pay tribute to the rich history of Egypt by picking an Egyptian infant name for your youngster. Kingdom of Baby’s infant name device offers data on a broad accumulation of Egyptian baby names for both young men and young ladies.

Every one of these names incorporates the implications and the conventional gender use.

1. Abdelrahman

Servant of the Merciful. “The Merciful” here is Allah (God).

2. Ahmad

The prophet Muhammad’s second name as he’s very loved by all Muslims.

3. Amr

A companion and a friend for life who lives a very long life.

4. Heba

God’s precious gift.

5. Jomana

It means noble and appreciated by people.

6. Karim

It means noble and generous

7. Mahmoud

Person praised by people.

8. Mariam

Wished for child; Sea of bitterness.

9. Mido


10. Mostafa

The chosen one.

11. Nour

It means light.

12. Omar

It means being powerful.

13. Rana

It means a beautiful woman.

14. Salma

The one who brings peace.

15. Sarah

It means princess.

16. Abanoud

It means an ancient king.

17. Abrax

The great archon in mythology.

18. Abraxas

A God from the Ancient Egyptian mythology.

19. Aharon

It means a high mountain or lofty – it is a biblical name.

20. Ammon

It means the hidden one in Ancient Egypt.

21. Aten

It means the sunlight.

22. Bast

It means fire or heat.

23. Berenike

The one who brings victory.

24. Bithiah

It means the daughter of God.

25. Chione

The daughter of Nile.

26. Cliupatra

It means the one who brings victory to her father.

27. Dalilah

It means weak.

28. Donkor

A person who’s humble.

29. Eboney

Meaning Black.

30. Edrice

A prosperous ruler.

31. Eshaq

A prophet’s name.

32. Feme

The name of Love.

33. Hager

It means stranger.

34. Hanbal

It means purity.

35. Horus

The God of light.

36. Husani

It means a handsome man.

37. Isis

The Goddess of magic.

38. Jabare

It means a man known for his bravery.

39. Kamuzu

It means “medical”.

40. Khepri

It means the morning sun.

41. Khnurn

It means a “reborn sun”.

42. Kissa

It means the sister of twins.

43. Kosey

It means “Lion”.

44. Lateef

It means someone with a kind spirit.

45. Maat

The Goddess of truth, justice and law.

46. Massika

Someone born under the rain.

47. Masud

Someone with good fortune.

48. Mave

Amun’s beloved one.

49. Moise

The one who naturally has a dark skin.

50. Moke

A person who’s sweeter than honey.

51. Na’eemah

A caring and compassionate person.

52. Nane

It means a nice by nature person.

53. Nefertari

It means the most gorgeous.

54. Neith

It means standing high above other people.

55. Nkosi

It means law.

56. Nubia

It means golden treasures.

57. Onofria

Ancient Egyptian Goddess.

58. Pilis

It means the 2nd born son.

59. Ra

It means “the sun”.

60. Radames

It means “hero”.

61. Ramses

It’s the son of “Ra”.

62. Safiya

It means being pure.

63. Seb

It means “the God of earth”.

64. Shani

It means a wonderful woman.

65. Tanith

Its derived from the name of the Goddess of Carthage.

66. Tauret

The Goddess of pregnant women.

67. Thema

It means “The Queen”.

68. Tiye

The Goddess of light.

69. Zosar

The name of a Pharaoh King.

70. Shabaka

The name of an Ancient Egyptian ruler.

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