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Ancient Greek Mythology 56 Meaningful Names

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Greek mythology is a group of stories concerning saints, Gods, and the customs of the old Greeks and structures a piece of the religion in antiquated Greece. These accounts have had a broad impact on human expressions and writing of Western development.

The pantheon of Greek divinities, saints, Gods, and different figures will give you a lot of motivation as you search for certain names for your child.

The Kingdom of Baby brings you 56 Greek folklore names most appropriate for our cutting edge times, with their implications. Read on to discover the names of Greek Gods, Goddesses, people, and legends.

1- Dionysins: It was “The God of wine and festivals”.

2- Hermes: It was “The God of trade and travel”.

3 Jason: It is “A greek hero”.

4- Zeus: It is “The God of thunder and sky”.

5 Proteus: It is an ancient geek name, it means “First”.

6Adonis: It means “Lord”.

7Aeolus: It was “The God of the wind”.

8- Atlas: It was a titan in Greek mythology.

9Achilles: It was the name of a Greek God and its extracted from “chaos” which means “pain”.

10Argus: It means “The Shining”.

11Aristacus: It was “The God of agriculture”.

12Brontes: It means something “Thunderous”.

13Chryses: It means “Golden”.

14Charon: It means “The fierce brightness”.

15 Damocles: It means “The people”.

16Eros: It means “Love”.

17Evander: It means “A good man”.

18 Glaucus: It means “Bluich grey”.

19Helios: It means “The sun”.

20Iacchus: It means “To shout”.

21Koios: It was “The God of intelligence”.

22Leander: It means “The lion man”.

23Linus: It means “Flax”.

24 Lycus: It was “The ruler of Thebes”.

25Melanthios: It means “Flower”.

26Morpheus: It means “The shape”.

27Neoptolemus: It means “The new war”.

28 Okeanos: It means “The body of water”.

29Perseus: It means “To destroy”.

30Phoebe: It means “Shining and brilliant”.

31 Rhea: It represents “The Goddess of motherhood and fertility”.

32 Selene: It is “The Goddess of the moon”.

33Penelope: It means “Faithful in marriage”.

34Iris: It was “The Goddess of the sea”.

35 Helen: It represents “Beauty in women”.

36 Hera: It is “The Goddess of marriage”.

37Gaia: It is “The Goddess of the earth”.

38 Daphne: It was “The daughter of God of the river”.

39 Clio: It was “The Greek muse of history”.

40Astraea: It means “The Goddess” of Justice.

41 Athena: It represents “The Goddess of courage, law, and justice”.

42Cassandra: It means “Being gifted the prophesy”.

43- Acantha: It means “Thorne or prickle”.

44 Anthea: It means “Flower”.

45Danae: It means “Shower of Gold”.

46Dike: It means “Justice”.

47Erato: It means “Lovely”.

48Hebe: It means “The Goddess of youth”.

49Hecate: It means “Far off”.

50 Hestia: It means “Goddess of hearth and domestic activity”.

51 Ianthe: It means “violet flower”.

52Melete: It means “Practice, exercise”.

53Nyx: It means “The Goddess of the night”.

54 Pistis: It means “Trust and faith”.

55 Terpsichore: It means ‘’The Goddess of dance and dramatics’’.

56- Semele: It means “Lover of Zeus”.

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