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Fancy French Names and Their Meaning

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Fancy french names and their meaning for girls

  1. Capuchin: the French name for the flower, which means “nasturtium”. The name was taken by a French actress who played Clouseau’s wife in the Pink Panther.
  2. Adele: a shortened form of the old French meaning “noble family”.
  3. Adeline: a female form of Norman French Acelin, which means “little aristocrat”.”
  4. AGNÈS: like the French Greek Hagen, which means ” chaste; holy.”
  5. Alienor: the name of the German origin comes from the element Ali, which means “alien, other”.
  6. Alena: feminine form of Alain in France, which perhaps means “little stone.”
  7. Arnold: Arnold’s female form in France, which means “eagle power.”
  8. Annette: a miniature form of French Anna, ” means benefit.”
  9. Alexandrine: form from French Latin for “activist of the human race”.
  10. Arianna: the French Latin form of Ariadne, which means “completely pure.”
  11. Amalia: the old French Norman form of the German word Emmeline, which means “work”.
  12. Ambre: the French form of amber, which means “amber”.
  13. Angelina: a small form of an angel in France, means “angel, envoy.”
  14. Antonietta: a miniature form of the feminine French Antoine, which probably means “very valuable”.
  15. ARMELLE: the female form of the French Armel, which means “Prince of stone”.
  16. Ode: Öda is the French form of Sweden, meaning “deep and rich”.
  17. Aurora borealis: the French form of Latin Roman Aurora Borealis, meaning “dawn”.
  18. Avril: English means the French form of April, “Open”.
  19. BÉNÉDICTE: the French feminine form of Bénédict, which means “blessed”.
  20. Axel: the French female form of the Scandinavian Axel, which means “father of the world.”
  21. Beatrice: like the Latin Viatrix, French, which means ” Voyager (through life).”
  22. BÉRÉNICE: Berenice in its French Latin form, which means “bearer of victory”.
  23. Bernadette: the form of contract Bernardetta carries French, meaning “brave, etc.”
  24. Bernadina: form means “bold as a bear”, signed Bernadino French.
  25. Chantal: French name meaning “stony place” translated into the use of the first name.
  26. Bridget: means “noble” and forms the German French Irish Gaelic Brig.
  27. CÉCILE: the French Latin form of Cúcilia, which means “blind”.
  28. Catherine: means “clean” and is written later from old French catering.
  29. CÉLESTINE: the French feminine form of Célestin, which means “sky”.
  30. Celine: French female form of Călinus in Rome, which means “sky”.
  31. Christina: Latin means Christina in French, “believer” or” believer in Christ.”
  32. Chloe: French form of Chloe Latino, which means “green Bud”.

Fancy french names and their meaning for boys

  1. Adelard: Noman French spelling Adalard, meaning ” strong nobility.”
  2. Alain: French form of Alain Katie, which means “small rock.”
  3. Albert: French name derived from Latin Albertus, meaning “bright red aristocracy”. Compare with other forms of Albert.
  4. Alain: the French form of Gaelic Ailpein, which probably means “white.”
  5. Alexander-French and Galician-Portuguese, Latin Alexandrus, activists”
  6. Kylian: in the French version of the Irish name Cillian you are unlikely to find another one on the Playground.
  7. Bastien: sébastien abbreviation means “de Sebast” in French.
  8. Baudouin: the ancient French form of the old high German Baldavin, which means “brave friends”.
  9. Baptist: the French equivalent of the Italian faith, Baptist.”
  10. BARTHÉLMY: the French word in its form from the Latin word Bartholomaeus, meaning “son of tarmac”.
  11. BASILO: like French Latin Basil” seems to make sense.
  12. Constance: like the French and Romanians of Latin Constantinople, which means “motionless.”
  13. Damian: a way to kill”euphemized with”tame, suppress”means French American Damian.”
  14. Fabian: in Franco-American Fabiano, ” like Fabio.”
  15. Gaston: the posterior form of Gascon French, which means”from Gascony”.
  16. GODEFREI: the French Norman form of the German high Godafrid, which means”peace of God”.
  17. Joel: “Jehovah is God” or “for whom Jehovah is God” means the French word for Greek Joel (Hebrews).
  18. JORI: French provençal form of Latin Georgius, meaning “mistress, the farmer”.
  19. Jourdain: the French names form of Yarden Hebrew, which means “flowing.”
  20. Louis: the middle French form of old French Louis, which means “famous warrior”.
  21. Luke: French Norman figure in Latin Lucas, which means “de Lucania”.
  22. Lucien: as French names Latin, Roman CYANOGEN, means “light”.
  23. MACAIRE: the French Latin form of Macario, which means “blessed.”
  24. MALGIER: the French Norman form of the German Manager, which means “work done”.
  25. Marcel: the French form of the Roman Latin Marcello, means “defense” or ” sea”.
  26. Maurice: “the contract form of Latin Roman Mauritius, which means black skin. It was introduced to the UK by the Normans. Little used in French and English.
  27. Max: the form of Latin Maximus from the French, meaning ” high.”
  28. Michelle: “who is God?”
  29. Narcissus: as French narcissistic Latin probably means ” numbness; sleep.”
  30. Pepin: the old French name comes from the word Pepin/pipin, which probably means”fruit seed”.”
  31. Perrin: French talisman Pierre, meaning “rock, stone”.
  32. Philip: the Latin French form of the Philippines, which means “mA’s lover.”
  33. Quentin: means “fifth” and forms the old Latin Quintin France.
  34. Rafael: French word legal in Hebrew means “God has healed” or “God has healed”.”
  35. René: the method of Latin Renatus is French, which means “reborn”.

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