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Average Labor Time for a Pregnant Woman

When you are pregnant and your due date is approaching, you can’t help but wonder what could be the scenarios inside the labor room. Questions like these are common most especially to first-time mothers. You might be asking some experienced mothers about their experience when they are about to deliver their babies. Of course, the average labor time could be one of the questions most soon-to-be mothers are curious about.

Nobody can predict how long the labor would last. Even doctors can’t expect the average labor time every pregnant woman will experience. If you are pregnant and want to know ideas on what to expect during your labor, especially the time that she might be spending inside the labor room. It is always better to be prepared and aware of the possible scenarios inside a labor room.

What to know about labor?

When you wanted to be a mother, it is important to become knowledgeable about pregnancy. In line with this knowledge, of course, is labor. Awareness is helpful so that pregnant women will prepare themselves for the big day. You can never hear easy labor as described by others. That is why you need to know how to handle every pain. You need to collect so much strength for that big day.

Labor is what we call the process of giving birth. You can’t give birth without having a labor. It usually starts when the pregnant woman feels regular compression. The cervix will become wider and softer, and it turns out to be thin. During the labor, the baby will then be transferred to the birth canal for the preparation of the baby to be delivered. Be aware of the possible signs that you are having labor.

You need to prepare yourself for these.

  • Cervix is starting to dilate
  • Body cramps can be experienced
  • Beware of the baby “drops”
  • The joints in the woman’s body are starting to feel unsteady or loose
  • Diarrhea could be experienced
  • You are starting to lose pounds
  • You easily get tired all the time even the minor actions
  • Your water breaks
  • The vaginal discharge could change its color

These common signs can occur when it is your ninth month of pregnancy. Getting aware of these could save everything. You call your doctor right away whenever these happen, as your due is fast approaching. This is a concern that should not be taken lightly by most mums. Have yourself checked by your doctor for further examination.

Stages of labor

Labor also has stages that most doctors follow and observe. Know about the stages of labor so that you can determine if you are close to meeting your little when the time comes.

First Stage

At this moment, the cervix will more or less dilate into 10 cm. Contractions can be felt by pregnant women all the time. This stage is divided into two phases and these are:

  • Early Labor- This moment, the cervix will dilate at approximately three cm. A little contraction and uncomfortable feeling can happen. There will be a little discharge to the vagina when the cervix dilates. For new mothers, the ordinary length of time differs from hours to days. To relieve yourself from the pain, you can try to go for a walk even just inside your house and any other safe exercise or spend the time outdoors to get fresh air. This may not work for others, but there’s nothing wrong to try for you.
  • Active Labor – Cervix this time widens from three cm to seven cm. It is a sign that the situation is getting serious, as the contractions can be very severe to the extent that you are feeling very weak and more uncomfortable than the early phase. Cervix will most likely dilate to one centimeter every hour. When the active labor ends, it is called the shifting. For some mothers, it could be bad and contractions will happen now and then. This period needs the knowledge of the doctor to attend to you right away.

Second stage

This is the stage where the baby comes out and meets the mother. This may take from few minutes up to hours or even more. For first time mothers, this may take a little longer.

Third stage

A stage where it is after the baby comes out or has been delivered. This stage is where the delivering of the placenta takes place. It would take around 30 minutes to one hour before the placenta would be delivered. This is not your part but the doctor’s duty already. Do not worry because when you reached the last stage, it means that you did your job.

You might be wondering what some women don’t have the same length in labors. It is because the labor of every woman varies and they count labor differently. Some women consider early labor and active labor the same and as one, while the hospital will put records like the one during the active labor only, because in most cases, hospitals do not consider early labor anymore because early labor can sometimes happen when it still far from the due date or weeks from due the due date.

Wrapping up 

The feeling of excitement and joy whenever you see your newborn child is priceless. Mothers can finally sense a little relief when they successfully delivered their little angel. All the pain would all become worthy if

Worthy If the baby comes out. Not to mention the experiences of the mothers for the last 9 months and during the labor. It doesn’t have a price.

It is normal to feel afraid and anxious about the horrors inside the labor room. Just a piece of advice, try not to stress about pregnancy, it will not give a good thing to your baby. Just be yourself and pray that everything is going to be alright. In the end, everything will be fine and fulfilling. Especially when the time comes that you finally see your baby.

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