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Music Inspired Baby Names

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Music is all around us and it gives life to so many aspects of our daily tasks. It connects us in so many ways and gives the soul to live. It gives wings to the mind that is an incredibly powerful thing. It can make you blissful, helps you survive during your dark days. When you are sad it makes you light-hearted and inspires you. Music is the food of the soul, and when we say soul, it can be something to be named after. Even for a person. 

Baby-names based on musical can be soothing and very melodious. These are names that have some sort of musical connections whether be in meaning, in musical terms, or maybe from the famous musicians. These names are very common nowadays especially now that many people love music and harmony. Many see it as a healing power and as Hands Christian Andersen wrote, ‘Where words fail, music speaks.’ It certainly is a special thing to have a Song or Musical Instrument with your name in it. For anyone who has used a musical instrument, music is a language all by itself. It has been used in celebrations or to express your emotions.

If you are a soon-to-be parent and have any plans on naming your sweet child after music, this article will give you ideas about musical names. These names have a meaning and it would be perfect for music-loving parents. Check out these gorgeous names and get inspired.

Baby Girl Inspired Music Names

Melody – is a Greek name meaning song. It’s very pretty sounding it gives harmony and it plays a big role in music. 

Lyra – is a Greek name meaning lyre. This is a great name for people who enjoy the sound of the lyre instrument and people who also enjoyed Greek mythology because the lyre does play a big role in instruments. 

Musette – is a Latin name meaning little muse it refers to both dance and antique instrument its musical in two ways. Muse is the most adorable nickname it’s so easy to pronounce and not to foreign because the muse is a popular word. 

Viola – is a Latin name meaning violet. It’s the name of a bowed string instrument it is a highly larger than a violin in size and has a deeper sound. Viola is the rhythm of the musical instrument it is a very classic name for a baby girl.

Bell – known as Campana in Italian it is metal but sometimes of horn, wood, glass or clay, it produces a ringing sound it refers to the occupation of the church. Bell meaning ‘beautiful’ in French. It is a great name for a baby girl.

Canary – is a type of musical instrument it is similar to a ukulele. It sounded so soft. A cute baby name for a sweet baby girl. 

Carol – the short form of name Caroline which means song or hymn which is usually the children do during before the Christmas season.

Aria – is a solo song with instrumental accompaniment it is a taken to mean a lyric song for a solo voice. 

Mandolin – is one of the musical instruments it has an eight-string and fretted neck. According to India, the name Mandolin is believe to be excellent, fun-loving, attractive, talkative, and creative.

Lullaby – is known as a quiet song that sung for the babies to help them to go to sleep. 

Lyric – it is a collection of verses and choruses to making up a complete song. Lyric is the most important of the music. 

Capella – is an Italian name meaning Chapel, it was a phrase that instructed performers to sing in the manner of the chapel, it simply means to sing without accompaniment.

Baby Boy Inspired Music Names

Reedit refers to thin strips of material which vibrate to produce sound in musical instruments like a float or other instrument. 

Chord – it refers to a group of three or more notes played together it represents musical to music. The chord is a very unusual name it goes along with those sweet simple short names.

Bell – it is known as campana in Italian

Alto – is a Latin name meaning high also means tall in Spanish. In music, alto is the highest part sung choruses either by men or women’s voices. If you wanted something unique Alto is a good name for a baby boy.

Banjo – is a stringed musical instrument, it looks like a tambourine body with a hoop and screw. This name has been used by parents who are considering have a baby boy and also love this instrument. 

Rock – is a fantastic name for baby boy inspired by famous singers, songs, and bands – a perfect name for perfect loving parents.

Jazz – it is like a genre in the field of music it has a strong rhythm and often involves improvisation and to play or dance to a jazz musician. A perfect name to a jolly baby boy.

Serenade – it is a piece of gentle music it is also known as a musical connection to a song to someone, especially one that a man performs for the woman he loves while standing in front of her.

Timbre – this is a word who describes the tone or unique quality of a sound. It is also a sound of music that produced a particular instrument or voice. 

Piper – it is a wind instrument the reeds being set in motion by wind fed by arm pressure and the melodies are played on the finger. 

Elvis – it is the name of the most iconic and famous music stars of all time. 

Reggae – it is a musical style blending blues and rock n roll characterized by a strong rhythm and lyrics. 

Final Words

It is always better to add harmony to your life. If you consider naming your babies from a music term and the like, it is always best to look at the meanings of each name as your baby will bring this name for the rest of his or her life. 

But always remember that no matter what name you will give your child, it all goes down to how he or she treats a person. The way you raise them will make an impact on his or her personality. 

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