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Baby Girl Names that Start with “S”

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Hundreds of girls’ names begin with the Letter SS together with the meaning and root of every name from Saba to Her and everything in between.   

Tip for the baby name

Baby girl names based on heritage are a way of honoring the culture of your family with the name of your daughter. You might like to make the option of the common name as a way to honor your roots if a prime cultural name is far from your current way of life.

Names that start with s for baby girls

Here are some fantastic baby girl names that begin with S:

  • The Greek Sheba–Sabah Arabic woman–The morning
  • Sabella— Elizabeth’s type, meaning devoted to Christ
  • Sabelle — Mary, a consecrated sense to Christ
  • Sabine (Latin) – During the Rome period, the Sabines were a tribe living in Central Italy. The Romans also abducted Sabine women for the brides of the Romans.
  • Sachi (Japan) — Joy


Sabrina was a mythical Celtic goddess and a name with a great appeal, the charismatic heroine of a classic Audrey Hepburn film, and her lovable daughter.

Shannon (wise and old)

Ancient and wise; the longest river and Ireland’s most massive seaway from Shannon.


A nickname used more often than boys as a given name for women and property on the ledge.


Sadie is something. It once was Sarah’s nickname (which is why they share the word “princess”), but all on their own. 

Sadie was over-popular in the late 1800s, eventually kicked out of the In-Crowd like many retro soundings, and is now accepted back into it with open arms. And does Sadie not sound just like the beautiful girl next door who is not a pushover but still shares with you her Cheerios?


To get your baby girl to be fiery and thick (or perhaps her hair would be red!), think of Scarlett. This name has been popular since the portrayal of Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind by Vivian Leigh but has acquired added prominence as a retro name, joining Harlow and Ava.


It is a good chance that all the days you have been with your precious Crayola are you sure of that name. Siena is an excellent name for an ancient spirit, as the term comes from a Latin word meaning’ to be old.” Siena, a beautifully preserved town in Italy’s Tuscany, is named for its name itself. The name has recently become famous, partially because of British actress Sienna Miller, who since 2006 has been in the top 500.


Even the Russians have an ordinary girl named Sophia, which is Sonia. And although she may not be as big as her hot daughter, do not count this name. As the first woman named after Sonia Sotomayer, the first female in Latina, the Supreme Court of Justice of the U.S.


Sue passed her age for a long time and had retired for a long time. The short form of Susan is the name of Grandma more likely to be a success in pre-Mary Tyler Moore days than a girl.


Stacey was the stunning cheerleader of the 80s who now drives around the world’s Avas and Sophias. The title was a version of the Regal Anastasia, but since it reached its highest level many decades ago, it has been very nosedive. Oh, yeah, now you could have your sister as the only Stacey in your school— a plus, right?


America’s family seems to have a turbulent love-hate relationship with Sonya. One hopes that parents would consider the name as an alternative, as a modification of the mega-popular Sophia, but it seems the opposite is the case. Sophia is picked more and more while Sonya just gets dust.


Hebrew Susannah version. Susannah defended herself courageously against false charges in the apocryphal Book of Tobit. In Susa Biblical City in Persia, white lily rose.


The sassy girl’s spicy tag! Saffron is best known for its pricey meat seasoning, and its brilliant orange-yellow color when used in coloring textiles. The name for the obsessed cuisine is exotic and fascinating.


Hand over the world’s pearls and rubies, Sapphire is here. Sapphire can be worth a second look, even if it does not carry the cache of her chic semiprecious rock daughters. The “rocket” sound in this lovely name makes it sound luminous and audacious. The Biblical Sapphira was of Jewish descent and insulted Him by cheating and, as a result, suffered death. And now that gem names are on the map, the beguiling birthstone of September is about to assert its rightful reputation as a lively, majestic woman.


Daughter of Hyperion and Theia, the Greek titans, Selene was a celestial goddess who presided over the lunar moon and embodied all of it: evening, tides, and fertility. Although this unique name is not common at this period, the magic and wonder of this goddess could be introduced into her daughter by bookly mythological buffs.


You don’t just name your daughter after the beautiful Indian dresses when you think of Sari as a name. In Nordic countries such as Finland and Sweden, Sari is the nickname for Sarah. It is short and spell-bound, so it is a simple and exotic alternative to biblical roots. But some people can misinterpret Suri — but is that really bad?


The weight of a female is representative of their social status, their income, and their wellbeing, and in that sense, “more” is good. In certain parts of the Middle East, people rely on their bodies and nutrition. In these social strata, slenderness is not attractive.


Sarai is Abraham’s mother, whose Father is renaming Sarah in the Old Testament. Sarah has always been rare and uncommon, although it was still a favorite name for relatives. The name may slowly and steadily grow thanks to its exotic appeal.


The stunning, contemporary girl’s name is Sah-REE-ka and comes from India. It is used most often by Bollywood actress Sarika Thakur, better known simply by her first name and has gained a degree of success. Also, in Hungary, Sarika is used as a Sarah variant. So, Sarika is your glamorous option if you’re too much for Sarah’s flat look.


Want a girl with an angel’s head, but in her eyes fire? Thought of Serafina/Seraphine, joining the fiery band of angels who defend the throne of heaven. It’s a name often used in Italy with the elegant surname of Sera.


If you want a happy child, Shalom could be your name. The word’ shalom’ means’ peace’ and is also used as a Hebrew salutation. While Shalom is historically a Hebrew name, thanks to supermodel Shalom Harlow it started to become more unisexual in nature. The name was never included in any list of top 1000 U.S. baby names.

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