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20 Astonishing American Baby Boy Names

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Having a baby is one of the greatest blessings in life a couple could have. When someone knew that they are having a baby, everything changes. The excitement that a couple might feel is non-comparable to any materialistic things in this world. But the most engaging part in this scenario is a question like “What should we name the baby?”.

There are many things to consider when parents are naming a baby. Should they choose a strong and empowering name for their baby? Should they pick an inspirational baby name for their child? At times, the parents also name their child with the most uncommon ones to be unique and ideal to everyone. 

Listed below are the 20 Astonishing American baby boy names you could consider naming your kid.

  • Liam – Originally came from the Irish and a shorter name for William; which means the strong protector or the helmet of will. One of the most sought persons in the world named after Liam is One Direction Singer Liam Payne and Thor’s lovely brother Liam Hemsworth.

  • Noah – Derived from Hebrew, Noah simply means comfort and rest. Noah is the one who builds the Ark and helps survived many animals and his family in the Great Flood.

  • William – William is acquired from a compound name that is composed of the elements of the helm that means helmet and protection and the element of willeo which certainly means determination and will. It is popularly introduced by the Normans to England. 

  • James – From the Hebrew named Jacob, James means to someone who “follows” or a “supplanter”. The name has become much more popular after Scottish King James VI inherited the English throne in the 17th Century. James is the patron saint of Spain.

  •  Oliver – Obtained from the Latin, Oliver derives from the name Olivier which simply means “Olive Tree”. In French, Oliver means Peace and in Old Norse, it means Kind one. The name Oliver is a very popular choice in England, New Zealand and Australia.

  •  Benjamin – Benjamin means “Son of the Right Hand”. It is a Jewish, French, Hungarian and English name from a male person named Binyamin. 

  • Elijah – Without a doubt, Elijah means “my God is YAHWEH”. Elijah was known as one of the miracle workers and Hebrew prophets as said in the two-book of kings in the old testament. Derived from the elements el and yah which both refer to the Hebrew God.

  • Lucas – Came from Latin, Lucas embodies a form of Lucius or Luke which means illumination, light-giving or bringer of light. Lucas is the patron saint of doctors, artists, and creatives. 

  • Mason – The name Mason means “Stoneworker” or “the one who works with the stone” which is traditionally a masculine name. 

  • Logan – Derived from Scottish, Logan means “Little Hollow”. American Screenwriter, Ryan Murphy named his kid Logan.

  • Alexander – Alexander, the Protector of mankind. Mainly composed of compound elements alexin (to defend) and Andros (man). The name was created by Alexander the Great. Famous people who gave their baby names as Alexander were: Kate Mulgrew, Melannie Griffith, Naomi Watts, and Timothy Dalton. 

  • Ethan: From the Latin, Ethan means constant, firm, strong, long-lived and enduring. According to the 2018 Social Security Administration Data, Ethan is 12th among the most popular boy names in America and has been extremely popular throughout the decades.

  • Jacob – One of the most common male names which mean “seizing by the hell” or the “supplanter”. It is derived from the Late Latin Jacobus. Among the states, Minnesota has the largest area where boys are named Jacob. 

  • Michael – From the Hebrews which means “Who is like God?”. Michael is greatly identified as one of the archangels in the Bible. Famous people with Michael as their first names were: Michael Jackson, Michael Bolton, Michael Douglas, Michael Keaton, and many other celebrities. 

  • Daniel – Came from Hebrew name Danniyel meaning God is my judge. Daniel was a Hebrew Prophet whose story has been published in the Old Testament through the Book of Daniel.

  • Henry – The name Henry implies “House Ruler”. It was introduced by the Normans to England in the form of Henri. This name became enormously popular during the Middle Ages and was borne by eight kings.

  • Jackson – From Hebrew meaning God’s Grace or Grace by Yahweh. This name was brought over the 17th and 18th centuries over numerous and different bearers. One of the famous martial arts artists, Jackie Chan, named his kid Jackson.

  • Sebastian – Obtained from Latin, Sebastian means the “Revered one”. One of the most well known Sebastian names is the crab in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Don’t you wanna go Under the Sea to know thy name well?

  • Aiden – From the Irish fields, Aiden means warm or in others, Aiden means fire or fiery. This name is traditionally given to boys but over the years it is now being given to the girls too. The state that has the highest names of Aiden is located in New Hampshire. 

  • Matthew – In Scandinavian and Hebrew Matthew means Gift of God or God’s GIft. Matthew has a lot of name variations such as Mateus, Matteo, Matias, Matern, Mathias, and many other names. As everyone knows, Matthew also known as Levi was one of the Lord’s twelve Apostles. 

There you go! The 20 astonishing American baby boy names list. These are just some of the popular names being followed by Celebrities, Politicians and many other people. Some of the names mentioned have been very well-known over the ages and some are not. Whether your baby names have a meaning or not, the gift of life is still the most meaningful, powerful and rewarding moment for the parents of the child. 

Summing it up, it is still the decision of the parents what name should they consider for their kids. There are a lot of options most especially for American baby boy names that a couple might have to consider. After all, the most important thing in this world is a parent should know how to raise their kids very well.

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