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Baby Names – What are the Classic Baby Girl Names

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Baby Names - What are the Classic Baby Girl Names

Being a parent isn’t easy. Admit it, even if you’re not a parent yet, you know to yourself that it’s not easy. But in the end, you know it’s worth it. People also would have agreed with that statement as it entails the responsibility of raising a child into an appropriate and fine being. Hence, giving babies a name is said to play an essential part in shaping their destiny. Also, choosing a name befitting for a baby girl or a boy is another hard task for the soon-to-be parents. And sometimes, even the parents would have bothered each other on choosing the name for the baby. If the baby is a girl, the mother would most likely decide the name they will be giving their child, but what about the father? Will he get to decide the name of his baby girl? Will these soon-to-be parents agree to the decision of the other? 

What are the types of names the parents can choose from for a baby girl?

Actually, there are so many options we can choose from, one is to select among trendy baby names if you want some kind of a modern name for your child or the type that is viral on the internet. Another type is unique baby names if you want an uncommon name for your child in school or in a workplace. Another one thing is vintage baby names a kind of name if you want an old-fashioned name for your little girl. You can also choose from an ancient type of names if you want the name of your child is from goddesses. Lastly, you can choose from classic baby names. These names are typical or somewhat common nowadays and easier for people to utter. 

Are you trying to pick the best name for your baby girl? There are so many adorable and beautiful names that you can choose and could have meanings too that can be overwhelming and will fit your little girl. But nowadays, a lot of parents opted for classic baby names for their baby girl. People think that classic names will never go extinct regardless of what generation we belong to. It always comes in time no matter what happens. 

Classic Names

When we say classic, the first thing that comes out of our mind was, “Never gets old”. This doesn’t sound old school at all. Want to know why? If your tastes run toward classic baby girl names but you want a name that sounds fascinating and very timely, then you must choose among the classic names. If you don’t want to get into hard spelling variations, then you go for classic baby names.  Classic names could have been names of celebrities, royal families, names of places, the superheroes on TV, even ancient or vintage names would fall out to be a classic name if it was being named to a newborn child nowadays. The point here is, classic baby girl names could have been traditional but never boring. It never gets old. 

Examples of Classic Baby Girl Names

Classic baby girl names are not only fashionable but also unique girl names that can be considered as classics such as:

• Sophia

• Charlotte

• Olivia 

• Emma

Some names may have biblical sound but there’s no way we could deny the fact that the holy book, itself, plays a huge influence in inspiring parents to have a holy name for their child such as:

• Martha

• Mary

• Ruth

• Sarah 

Baby girls name can be rooted in ancient cultures such as:

• Diana and Alexandria 

These names have far richer meaning and you may contemplate naming your baby after it. As I have told you earlier, Classic name never gets old. They will remain popular or will continue to exist even hundreds of years from now especially if the family has strong ties to their culture and tradition. 

Celebrities and influential families 

Celebrities could also have an influence on the parents to be. We love to make lists of bizarre celebrity names or names of the character they portray in a movie. When you happen to be a huge fan of that actor or actress, you can’t help but think to name them after your child.  Even the Royal family in England could make a difference. Yes, we are talking about Prince William and Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth. Let’s not lie, the best part about a royal couple announced the birth of their new baby is the name revealed in public.  When your daughter is no less than a princess, you need a name that is Royal.  When you name them like those Princesses, it sounds really elegant and sophisticated.  


Choosing a name for your baby is a large responsibility that can be both a stressful and enjoyable experience. The majority of parents want a name that’s unique but also familiar enough that it won’t raise one’s eyebrows. However, there are some factors we need to consider when we pick the right and best name for our child. First, parents must consider the Gender-Specific names. Before there are specific names that could be used only for boys and names that could be used for girls. Just like the name Kim, before the name “Kim” is only applicable and acceptable for boys only. But nowadays, as you observed, Kim is also applicable for girls as well, with few exceptions. Today’s names can be much more neutral, with names that represent both old-fashioned male and female names. 

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