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Baby Grabbing Toys and Objects

Is your baby Grabbing Toys and Objects? Don’t worry it is safe when supervised and is great for their mental development!

Many newborn babies cry a lot and are mostly in their entire duration would be asleep or feeding; crying is their only way of communication which may cause them to cry a lot especially when they need something from the parent; newborns or infants are very vulnerable and aren’t much aware of their surroundings.

However, there will be a time when they will develop their cognitive reasoning and will start to notice their surroundings; they will probably feel a lot and they will have an acute range of emotions varying from their faces; usually during this time; they will be very much eager to explore their very own surrounding.

They will use their hands and feet with just about anything, and once they do, be prepared as a parent; they will surely play and learn and it won’t stop until they reach the peak of childhood.

This is some normal stages of the babies growth and development; from a sleepy new infant to a very naughty child who will grab just like anything and put anything in their mouth just for the fun of it; always remember that it is normal and healthy for them to explore; it is a great sign that your babies cognition and overall brain development is rapidly increasing.

When can i expect my babies to grab toys or objects?

Usually, a baby grabbing any toys or objects will happen during the 4 months onwards; usually this is the time of the month wherein they will learn how to hold their grip and grasp for an object; mostly this will surely be mastered by your baby about 6 months onwards.

Although every baby is different; you can expect for a baby to grasp or hold any object from month 2 progressing onwards; some movements of the baby’s hand could include banging; shaking, rattling, grasping, moving their own toes and fingers.

How can i help my baby go through the toy-grabbing stage?

Always take your time and be patient, it is a natural and normal process of brain development of the baby; but you can always help them go through the stage by being an excellent toy locator; you can tease your baby in tantalizing some toys or playthings found in your surroundings while making sure that there are no sharp or harmful objects that they might grab.

You can also deliberately move their favorite objects aside to increase their dexterity, recognition, and motor skills, this will also improve their pincer grasp; try introducing them to a different and unseen toy that has a different color; shape, and texture before and let them manipulate it with their own hands, this will help them create a strong grasp between their hands and the toy; this also further enhances their dexterity.

Be playful and fun with your baby; try to make it a routine that they will love, let them touch objects of different colors; shapes, and texture, you can also try placing a placemat and surround it will beautiful and attention-grabbing toys; this will encourage your baby to explore their new toys; this will improve their mental skills.

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The “Playmat” activity can help object recognition and, you are playing with your little angel so it is a fun and memorable experience; don’t forget to take documents by taking a picture of your baby as they explore their own play world.

You can also make it more playful by letting them have a bubble bath full of stuffed toys and other objects; this will relax them and help them develop their brains more in the water; besides that. You can help them explore happily in their own world by giving them the best toys; you can check out the best toys here to add a great toy collection for your baby!

When should i be worried?

Every baby will have time on their life where they will explore the surrounding things; grabbing toys is one of the first things they do and it’s perfectly normal; you only have to be careful when your baby is picking up things which they might mistake for food that could cause throat blockages or difficulty in breathing; choking is also a very common problem during this period so always ensure that whenever your baby is picking or grabbing something up; make sure they never put it in their mouth as it can cause complications.

Overall, this is a great way to build trust and love with your baby and spouse; although it may seem silly for you to play with your baby during this baby grabbing toy stage; it is necessary that you are supporting them in every step of their way.

After this stage of grabbing toys or objects; your baby will surely develop his brain activity more and they might develop motor skills that include eating with fingers; using a spoon, cup or scribble; they might also possibly develop their linguistic skills so they might speak unexpectedly your name!

What are the further activities that can help my little one to develop his brain skills?

There are great educational activities or toys that you can provide to your baby to further enhance their brain and motor skills, however; it is hard to choose what’s best for your baby, especially for toddlers, some educational toys are hard to find and limited in toy stores and some are not branded as educational; with that you can always check out our guide on some of the best educational toys for kids. Try to encourage them to play with the best toys for toddlers.

Final notes

Always make sure they are getting the best of their developmental age by giving them the best and utmost care and supervision possible.

It can surely be a tough one to do because of your baby’s fuss and fickle nature but don’t worry; it will all pass and these stages of their development will be a great leap of a milestone for them.

Don’t worry and let your baby explore his whole big world!

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