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What Are The Best Books For Babies 6 To 12 Months

Children love to watch. You strengthen fundamental concepts like turning pages and the following text from left to right every time you read to your son. Take the images, name them, and address them together when you read a book. As your child grows up, he can mimic you with pages or objects.

Babies like to be carried and spoken to as well. So books give you the best opportunity to learn how to talk and make sounds. Books give you and your baby a precious one-on-one space. Through the tone of your voice and your body’s heat, your child is a pleasurable activity to learn.

Newborns see the best things about your foot— or the distance from your head when you cradle your child. Therefore, books with reliable comparisons are ideally chosen. Black and white drawings (stripes, polkas, checkers) give children of this generation a lot of entertainment.

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Look for books that need some manual dexterity to inspire older children. Games for moving the frames, touch-and-feel games, and small hands-sized chunky board books are both fun and challenging.

Most babies do not take care of long image books, so just stick to simple text and rhymes with lively images. Furthermore, robust construction is essential–you want the best books for 6 to 12 months to last!

Note that they’re born readers, though babies are not book-lovers. The more you read, the more you know. Their feelings in the hands or the mouth of the pages, the sound of their voices, the beauty of the images, the joy of a good book is all they learn to love.

Best books for babies 6 to 12 months

Here are some of the best books for babies age 6 to 12 months! We gathered these books as we see them fit for your lovely babies. Help them learn new things with these fun and educational books!

TOP BRIGHT Soft Cloth Books for Babies First Year, Baby Toys 6 to 12 Months Girls and Boys, Crinkle Books for Infants Educational Toy(Pack of 6)


This product has six designs, a complete Six in One kit, and Premium shiny crinkles for babies from six and 12 months. It shows helpful things about size, pet, forms, flower, vehicle, and visuals. Light-colored and flowing images enhance the joy of reading and exploring the imagination of the six-month-old baby. You can never connect with your 6-month baby too early. 

Clock your baby and enjoy some of the best soft baby books that fill your heart. What’s important is that you hear your baby and know your voice. Hang out and read every day to him!

Gentle Baby Books for 6-12 months are suitable for children. Like lightness like a plumb, this soft baby book doesn’t frighten your baby anymore. Cast in the filler, making safer and longer-lasting, can also survive endless washes that are never terrified of breaking. 

About the Brand:

Top Bright is an innovative wood toy company that follows a European design concept, focuses on the mission to provide environmentally sound, healthy, and entertaining wooden toys for children0-6 years old worldwide. It incorporates multi-national creative design, takes up the theory of development in terms of the market “Natural High Tech, Innovative.”

Baby Signs: A Baby-Sized Introduction to Speaking with Sign Language Board book – February 14, 2008

by Joy Allen

Babies have a whole lot to say long before they are able to speak. The cute panel of signs helps babies and young children to communicate their desires, wishes, and thoughts quickly and even to make necessary observations with a simple gesture. Research has shown that children who use sign language are less irritated, fewer tangles, and often learn to speak with ease. 

Just point to a sign in the journal, say the terms, and the kid will sign early. It is as easy to communicate a wet diaper or an empty bowel, request assistance, or say “all done.” And these are just a few of the 13 signs inside this little board book that is perfectly illustrated, ideal for the little hands so minds.

Premium Baby Book (First Year), Cloth Book Baby Gift, Fun Interactive Soft Book for Babies, Infants, Boys & Girls with Crinkly Sounds, Developmental Toy, Cute Baby Shower Box, Touch and Feel, Peekaboo

by ToBe ReadyForLife

Their handcrafted fabric book, created by US specialists, has relaxing features on each page. Also, the bright colors keep the attention of your child for longer. It is an opportunity to discover new things. The website contains elements such as a net, a mirror, a range of sounds, and textures. Suitable for children and newborns. 

Reading this gentle book’s rhymes and stories help you connect to your child a warm moment. At the same time, it is an engaging toy: a fair means of cultivating essential skills, such as language and listening, creativity, physical ability, anything. It’s not too early for a child to begin reading. 

And their book has an eBook with tips loaded. Their sturdy cloth books have also been built for the harshest children! Their soft cover books, made of lightweight polyester, are entirely safe and healthy for your child. 

For additional longevity, the stitching is solid. The book has a handle that makes the stroller, jacket, and car seat easy to mount. And in the wash, it stands up. They do not hesitate when it comes to quality!

Babies Love Colors Chunky Lift-a-Flap Board Book (Babies Love) Board book – June 19, 2018

by Michelle Rhodes-Conway (Author), Cottage Door Press (Author), Fhiona Galloway (Illustrator)

Place your baby or child in this adorable board book in all its colors in the rainbow. Simple sentences improve future speech development and help develop excellent motor skills by grabbing and lifting firm pads. A first book to be great!

Hello, little one in the realm! Check out the Lift-a-Flap board book full of surprises Perfectly designed to open and close flaps for little hands and fingers. Six chunky and solid pads are extra keen to open and close your little one over and over again. 

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Surprise and surprise the child with unique treatments under each flap. Gather all the books in the series Babies Love. The Babies Love Chunky Lift-a-Flap series offer a glimpse into the colors and pets, the first words and holidays, with simple, fun and whimsical drawings, and durable flaps that can be quickly lifted.

About the Author:

High-quality children’s books is an independent retailer. Cottage Door Press believes each child deserves, they conclude, an excellent experience from the first day of birth. Learning is reading, and they try to help parents understand how it is so important to read aloud from birth. They offer a piece of simple advice on growth to assist you during your journey. The creative team at Cottage Door Press is named for Michelle Rhodes-Conway. When they work together on a plot, they use a name like this. 

beetoy Baby Soft Educational Toys for 1-Year-Old, Washable Early Learning Alphabet Puzzle Toys, Cognitive Cards with Pictures Words 6 to 12 Months

by beetoy

The children’s infant toys are also a kind of early education tool that can enhance language skills, reading ability, sensory abilities, communicative skills, and rich symbolism to enable your child to gain the starting lines. 

You can read the children’s food theme on your alphabet cards and bring your child into nature. The 26 PCS cards have colors and products of their own. The food on the alphabet cards consists of essential elements of life, and your child can easily understand them. 

Perhaps he can also say that the fruit he eats appears to be Where did you see it? We make soft polyester, not harmful, to infants safe for your baby’s health. Their child play flashcards are made of. Not only is the smooth wash without fading thick and tear-resistant, but the child can also bite safely. The binding is more excellent and even firmer. Once the child is six months old, he needs to gain basic knowledge from outside. 

Their baby card game features relatively simple photos. It, in turn, makes it easy for kids aged seven to twelve months to understand the message of their infant toy books without any difficulty. Moreover, they are happy to read it.

TEYTOY Baby Toy Soft Infant Activity Baby Toys, My First Word Book to Knowing The World

by teytoy

Developed by professionals, on every page, their fabric book offers attractive stimulant features. The luminous colors are even better for your child. It is ideal for boys and babies. It brings countless hours of fun to your son! This soft book gives you the opportunity to bond with your child, a hot moment together. It’s an engaging game, at the same time: a great way to boost critical skills such as language & reading skills, communication skills, creativity, physical ability, etc. 

Never too early is it for a kid to begin reading. Their rugged clothes books are built for even the harshest children! The soft-cover books, handmade from soft polyester, are absolutely non-toxic and healthy for your son. For additional longevity, the stitching is solid, And after vomiting, it hangs up in the tub. They don’t gamble when it comes to quality. 

There is a handle on the cover book side, which is easy to use, making a baby shower and birthday ideal for you. It is a living blessing when a kid has love to read! They also donate to kid charities. You do not only get a fantastic product but also help improve another baby’s life by buying their soft-cover books.

Aitey Baby Books for 6 to 12 Months, Baby Toys Soft Cloth Crinkle Books Educational Toys for 1-Year-Old Boys and Girls Infants Gift – Pack of 6

by Aitey

These books for baby toys give you an excellent opportunity to connect 6 to 12 months with your son. It’s a fun tool, and you can show baby what it is and how to learn. Also, when she touches books and feels a rustle, the baby would be excited and curious. 

It is a great way to boost essential core abilities, such as the ability to speak, read, talk, visualize, visual, etc. It’s never too early for a kid to begin reading. They have six simple subjects in their fun and comfortable playbooks. You don’t have to look around to discover all sorts of a baby’s journal. 

This soft book is suitable for children 6-12 months and features a total of 6 concepts in a kit like numbers, creatures, forms, foods, vehicles, and photos. Babies would be drawn to colorful pictures of bright colors and patterns, and touchable textures would enhance babies’ interests in learning and exploring the world. 

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Their books on baby toys are made of soft polyester, which is totally non-toxic and clean. You don’t have to worry about putting your baby in your month. It can be cleaned and won’t fade if the textbook gets dusty. And the baby’s got cotton comics; you don’t have to be mad when you rip baby’s paper and draw anywhere they don’t make the house filthy and messy.  

Parents are always our baby’s first educators, and the right book is essential for children. Their soft children’s books are easy to understand and allow you to read the illustrations for a 1-year-old child.

Pet’s Animal Tails Fabric Baby Soft Cloth Book, Early Learning Educational Crinkle Toy for TOS toddlers, Babies, Infant and Kids, Girls&Boys,3~36 Months, Funny Animal Tails, Pets, Fish, Dog, Cat

by Artelio Kids

Reading remains one of the most efficient ways of learning, and now, it has been demonstrated that this habit can begin to develop since childhood. This Cloth Book helps and creates the foundation for lifelong learning and development by reading your New Baby, Grand Child’s funny story. 

This baby book in the soft fabric is made from washable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, durable, high-quality, soft clothing, even though it is bitten by kids. We also understand that by gripping kids begin to know the universe, by sucking on anything they can do. 

But don’t worry, cotton books are not ripped, and the stain will not dissipate with the rinse. This soft clothes book is the perfect way to engage your newborn baby. The style is chic, and the shade is vivid. Form, motion, and animal tails can offer a wonderful feeling and feeling of touch and sound. 

The plain text is simple to read, and an amusing story encourages conversation and insight and helps develop critical skills to improve the growth of the child’s mind — an outstanding travel product, natural to bring into a packed paint bag. It also provides excellent entertainment. It is composed of lightweight, protected cotton fabrics, with a Velcro fabric loop that can be easily fixed to a car seat or a baby’s sloop.

teytoy Soft Book, Nontoxic Fabric Baby Cloth Activity Crinkle Soft Books with Gift Package for Infants Boys and Girls Early Educational Toys (Pack of 8)

by teytoy

The first baby book shows the kid how soft books feel different and how they learn to read and understand. The handcrafted clothes book is developed with the aid of learning experts to support the brain development of infants and young children. The cozy fabric book for babies is made of polyester fiber, safe, and non-toxic to protect the health of your child. 

Not only is the soft cloth dense and tear-resistant, but it can easily be cleaned without fading. It is even firmer and elegant due to the smooth stitching. The book contains a holding handle on its side that can be connected conveniently to a wheel, bottle, or car seat. It has high-quality digital imaging, bright color, sharper images, unfading, loaded with light, fluffy filler, and wrinkled toner, vibrant top with baby toys for about three to twelve months. 

They don’t gamble when it comes to quality! All parents and children have a perfect opportunity to tie up warmly and lovingly with these gentle stories. With your little one, you will read these books, guide them to new things, discover this new world, and teach them how to understand and speak. 

Their well-made gift set consists of 8 fabric books; you just have to pay a book of cash, eight books are available. It’s a perfect gift, an entertaining book for kids or a baby book collection.

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About the Brand:

TEYTOY focuses on supplying kids with high-end learning toys and the best service, and your children will grow up happy. They are committed to providing the highest standards of service to every customer, and they are looking forward to a great online shopping experience.

Tencoz Cloth Book Baby, Baby’s First Non-Toxic Soft Cloth Book Set Infant Children Educational Toys Baby Gifts for Boy Girl Colorful-Pack of 6 (Friction with a rustling Sound)

by Tencoz

Their cover can produce sounds(soft touches) in their Cloth book, squeaking within the animal’s head, and their cloth book has an emotion-and-feel texture. A young child loves the transparent one but not a too loud one. 

Textured textiles and bright colors enable the sensory awareness of children to grow. A lot of photos will allow the kid to learn this exciting world early! It is essential to choose your child’s best and most important book as the first educator. 

Baby’s first book teaches your baby how these gentle books behave in different ways. Moreover, it provides the perfect platform for parents and babies to connect warmly and lovingly. 

The book’s size is quite small, and its weight is extremely light. Such books are made for handling by little hands. 

Regardless of whether it is in the ambulance or the sports car, your child will start with these beautiful books to enjoy enjoyable animations and colors. Every book also includes a supportive belt loop, which stays on the coach and car seat.

teytoy Soft Book, Soft Baby Books Crinkle Squeak Sound Sensory Early Education Baby My First Book Soft Baby Toy for Toddlers (3 Pack)

by teytoy

When you read the baby soft clothes book of the sleep novel, you can not only slow down your life but successfully ease the anxious mood of the infant and assist the baby into bed quickly and peacefully. Stories that read can expand the vision of your child, enhance feelings of real-life, and construct a beautiful spiritual world. Actually, good sleep plays a vital role in the physical development of your child.

In listening to the story, the child transforms the text into images to understand by reading parents that invisibly fosters the brain’s growth.

Thinking more critically will help develop potential technology skills by hearing stories and enhancing information. The baby should enjoy writing and reading enjoyable as quickly as possible, as well as being able to speak and communicate with the family during an exchange of stories. 

The soft fabric book for baby stories is made from the fiber of polyester, healthy, and non-toxic in order to protect the health of your child. The lightweight towel is not only thick and tear-resistant but can also be dried quickly without fading. It is even more substantial and exquisite due to the dry seams.

On the other end, the books have a holding handle making it easy to add to a bike, car seat, or car seat. The child will stay busy when driving with the exciting, colorful colors and books.

The cloth book contains lots of small animals. How many can the kid know? Simple forms and lines, luminous colors can help children learn primary colors. Dialogs can also be educated with babies in different scenes to gain respectful conversations every day.


For example, a child’s reading aloud is different from a preschooler’s reading. You can’t get through the entire book with a child. Perhaps your child wants to keep and chew on this book and try to turn the pages. All of these things help your child to get to know books and how to work with them. 

Reading kids is not only a way to inspire a passion for children’s books but also a fundamental way for children to learn their language–first their comprehension and then their voice. We hope that this list of the best books for babies 6 to 12 months helped you a lot!

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