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The Most Popular Baby Names That Start With D

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The letter D in a name represents determination and diligence. Baby names starting with D are strong and solid and we have an abundance of special names for you to choose from.

Baby Boys Names That Start With D


To be considered friends, allies, the names of tribal groups are better known as Sioux


According to Greek mythology, Danaus was the father of fifty daughters known as Danaids.


The biblical prophet and author of the book of Daniel was a teenager when he was transported to Babylon after the destruction of Jerusalem. He survived two death sentences: the lion’s den and the burning stove. Then comes the fearless American Explorer Daniel Boone, who was one of the first to travel West of the Appalachian mountains.


The fifth son of judge James and the Bible of the founder of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. It is an independent name as well as an abbreviation for Daniel.


This Italian name is most associated with Dante’s Hell, the divine Comedy of Dante ligieri. Hell details the nine circles of hell, but that doesn’t stop parents from giving Dante to their young children.


Named from Greek mythology, Daphnis was a pastor and after he was unfaithful to him, the pied Piper is blinded by his lover.


Darian Goodwill is waiting for his vintage convertible in a worn leather jacket even while reading poetry. The Irish version of Darant has a colder point of view than the name of its derivative. And with the growing popularity of names, both boys and girls are less likely to share their nicknames.


Dali is an attractive and simple Italian name derived from the Latin laias. The name is inspired by creative artists such as Italian Director Dario Argento, composer Dario Marianelli and poet Dario Bellezza, as well as several professional artists.


Sure, there are a lot of grandparents named Darrell more than little kids. This name, meaning “beloved,” peaked in the 1960s and has been a shooting star ever since. Darrell sounds too pedestrian for today’s parents, who are always looking for a name with something a little special.


From the French surname and toponym D ” Arel (from Ariel Calvados); from the 11th century it is used as a surname and name


Alexander Dumas is One of the main characters of the novel about Three Musketeers.


Dave, like Joe and Ted,Are the names of these perfectly American children. It is commonly used as a nickname for David or Davis, Dave and has become a name that has been considered a source of fashion since the 1960s.


David is the unchanging name of the child in the prolific story behind him. It all started with the biblical David, who fought against the giant Goliath and was defeated. Then he became king of Israel and wrote a book of Psalms. Being an inspirer as an artist, Michelangelo and Donatello are his best known. In Scotland, this name has always been considered worthy of the Royal family and is also a classic novel by Charles Dicken, the name of the protagonist David Copperfield. It’s a timeless name that’s clearly not going to give up its position on the list of baby names in the short term if it ever doesn’t.


A Greek variation of Dimitri, Dimitri sounds exotic and alien, but still familiar to the American ear. Such a confusion parents Russian of spelling.


Deon is a short, cute name for modern American sound. He probably enjoyed more popularity as Dion, but his overwhelming feeling could make the future name”D”.


derrick has become important and very popular, especially among young children who grow up to become professional athletes. Seriously, they’re not many players who share that name, and that’s great.


This unisex name has striking similarities to other unisex, Devon and Devin names. However, something about ” a “instead of” o’or ” i ” makes this a less common option.


Devin’s writing is much more popular than Devon’s version, which is falling in popularity.


In the meaning of “ruler of the people”, the name Dark was given to seven medieval counts of the Netherlands. For television fans, he’s familiar with the actors who played Faceman on the A-team and Starbucks because of dark Benedict, the original Battlestar Galactica, but despite all the references, the name probably lost a bit of its brightness for the hard consonant.


Little lantern (Kiowa); the leader of the important Kiowa who has done more for their tribe,including establishing peace between the Kiowa and ossage


There is something as brazen as the name Dominic, and parents should love bile, as the name is currently at the peak of popularity. When Dominic is also constrained, remember that it also comes with Dom and Nic positioning.


Millennials will probably say “Cowabunga” in the name of this mutant Ninja Turtle, but before teaming up with the popular franchise, Donatello is the best-looking “de vivre” of a decidedly Italian name, a Pop cultural reference hesitating to luck.


The Descendants Of Dorus. Dorian was a character from an Oscar Wilde novel, a painting by Dorian gray, he was young and handsome, to whom he gave his wish, but his portrait was not his.


Dwayne is no longer cool gangster. In fact, he spends his best time for quite some time. Ein, or blame it on the name syncope end, cranky sound, but either way it’s also dweijet”Rock”Johnson.

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Baby Girls Names That Start With D


Yellow spring flowers with a Trumpet crown in the middle


There is something very cheerful and friendly in the name of chamomile. And she is very fond of her sister rose Lily flower, Sunny Daisy is also experiencing a return to the list of names. Parents of the better half of Daisy Donald Duck’s sassy classic novel Daisy Buchan’s Great Gatsby, or her short shorts, the “Dukes of Hazzard” interestingly nicknamed Margaret is also a bit of a classic.


The name of a more familiar tribal group like the Sioux tribe to be considered friends and allies


Friendly; references to biblical Damaris was the educated woman who heard Paul speak in the open air, in the Supreme court of Athens.


Scottish villages and important cities in Texas


References in the biblical Damaris was the educated woman who heard Paul speak in the open air, in the Supreme court of Athens.


The mythical daughter of Acria, who became the mother of Perseus, when Zeus appeared to her like a Golden rain.


Even though parents (see Isabella, Ella or Layla) now end up loving, Danielle has not yet reached the name superstrellate. We still believe that this is a good alternative to the previously used Daniel in excess.


Daniel’s female form, Daniel has a long history of popularity. And like many other names that were huge in the 80s (name overload, maybe?), Daniel has decreased since the early 2000s.


Rich; female form of Darius. Saint Dahlia was tortured together with her husband Chrysanthemum under the Roman Emperor Numerian.


Dear; dear old from English is probably used as a variant of the random male name Daryl.


The name of the city and castle in Flanders.


From little Debbie to Debbie Reynolds, Debbie is a much more serious 1950 Deborah.a typical housewife variation, Debbie has an innocent and sweet attraction that has become so unpopular today and it sounds too cool. People today are more likely to associate him with the usual Saturday Night Live character, Debbie Downer.


Deborah was the biblical prophet and heroine of Israel. His winning songs are in the judges ‘ Book.


How boring. The transformation of the old name Deirdre in Celtic legend Deirdre died of a broken heart.


The biblical Delilah tempted Samson to reveal the secret of his power.


When Danielle, once popular, becomes fashionable, Delphine can run to replace her. This elegant French name has its roots in Greece with the city of Delphi, which gives the name a very mysterious and ethereal quality. However, I want to point out that Delphine is complicated because English is not familiar to those who are certainly ancient, so the Oracle they will probably ask you to write or pronounce for a while.


Delta is a name that has never been a great success in the main stream, and it fell off the list of names in the darkness of the name. This is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet and geographical term, none of which is a particularly good reason to call your daughter Delta.


From actress demi Moore to pop star demi Lovato, it’s a small Greek name that may have always existed.


The name surprises the child as a solvent that does not emit organic solvents). He has been in the top 50 almost every year since 2000. Maybe the parents were inspired by the real names of Disney, Miley Cyrus and the main stars of The born Destiny Cyrus. Or maybe it’s a wink into the future in times of uncertainty. In any case, we know for sure that there is a lot of fate on the Playground these days (if you know the right way).


This unisex name bears a striking resemblance to the name of another unisex, Devon. But, and’a ‘instead of’ o ‘ is a less popular option. It also falls off the radar, like the girl’s name.


If what you’re looking for is still relatively unique, this is a great option for a name, but most baby celebrity names are an option and are only enhanced for girls than for boys.


Diana is a classic name for a girl who will stand the test of time. Since ancient times, Diana was the Roman goddess of the moon, which stood out for its beauty and speed. More recently, this name is inextricably linked with Princess Diana, the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry.


Dean was bombed since then, shone a glorious name in the mid 1960s, it remains popular among Jewish families, but now too old-fashioned and country name.

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