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When Can You Hear a Baby’s Heartbeat?

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time is one of the most memorable experiences for parents.

If you’re expecting, you’re likely wondering when you can hear that little sound that will make your heart swell with emotion.

Let’s find out when can you hear a baby’s heartbeat and what it means to listen to it.

When can you hear a baby’s heartbeat?

The timing of when you can hear your baby’s heartbeat depends on several factors, including the accuracy of the ultrasound measuring equipment and how active your baby is during the exam.

Generally speaking, though, if you are 8-10 weeks pregnant, it is usually possible to hear your baby’s heart beating.

It may also be possible to detect a heartbeat earlier on in pregnancy, but this is becoming increasingly rare due to technological advances in ultrasound imaging.

At this point in development, your baby looks like a bean-shaped embryo and measures only about 2mm long!

What does it mean to listen to a baby’s heartbeat?

Listening to a baby’s heartbeat is an incredibly special experience for many parents.

With each beat, parents feel reassured that their little one is healthy and growing well inside them. It also helps put into perspective just how far along the pregnancy has come already!

Listening to a baby’s heart beat helps build anticipation for meeting their new bundle of joy once they are born.

Many medical professionals will use the sound of the heartbeat as an indication that everything is going according to plan with mom and baby during pregnancy – so it can provide some peace of mind too!

Lastly, hearing your baby’s heart beating for the first time is an exciting moment for any parent-to-be. While there are certain factors that determine when you can hear it (such as age/size of fetus), generally speaking 8-10 weeks into pregnancy should be when it’s possible – so start keeping an ear out!


Listening to your unborn child’s heartbeat brings reassurance that everything is going according to plan with mom and bub during pregnancy – plus it makes the entire experience all the more real!

No matter when or how often you get to listen in on those special beats – savour every moment; because hearing them never gets old!

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