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Best Foods that Will Make your Toddler Poop

Raising kids and taking care of them is apparently very challenging. From small things like feeding them to making them poop and making sure they are well nourished are quite challenging at times. Now, constipated toddlers are quite frustrating to deal with. If you are not helping your kids to eat the best foods that can help them poop, you can either get stuck when the diapers come off or the poop can get stuck because of constipation. 

 Some parents immediately turn to the famous three P’s when it comes to toddler constipation. The three P’s are pears, prunes, and peaches. And some add fiber bars or gummies. But let us examine the truth behind the prunes and fiber.

Actually, the high-fiber trick can work in reverse if you consume too much of it. Your body will need more hydration when you absorb extra fiber and it hard to know how much is too much when it comes to fiber. 

Constipation for toddlers is no joke. It is uncomfortable and unhealthy for the child. A long history of constipation can lead to a serious problem like poop blockage. A small bout of constipation can also mess with potty training. 

To help parents whose toddlers are experiencing constipation, first, here are 3 reminders you need to keep in mind.

The child’s diet is important.

It is important that a few tweaks to your child’s diet are important to avoid constipation and easier to catch pees and poops in the potty. If your child has smooth poops and they moving along regularly, it is easier to start potty training. Food like starches, dairy, and fruits like bananas are naturally binding. 


Hydration is important for kids to prevent constipation. Start with just water. If your toddler is being finicky when it comes to drinking water, you can try to add ice to the water to change the temperature or try offering it in a cup. These tricks might help your kids want to drink water. 

Offer other foods that help hydration

Toddlers who are not fond of drinking water is common. Too much dairy can cause constipation. So try using instead coconut milk. You can make smoothies out of it and frees it into popsicles that your toddler will surely like. Watery fruits can help your child’s hydration as well. You can offer them watermelon, oranges, grapes that are filled with water. 

Now, by keeping that in mind, here are more foods that will make your toddler poop and prevent constipation:


Avocados are a natural source of full-fat. They are a great food to help your child poop. Maybe your child would not want avocado in its raw form or even a dip of guacamole. But you can sneak the avocado into the smoothies that you can turn into a popsicle.

Coconut milk

As mentioned above, coconut milk is a very nice food to help your toddler poop. You can use full-fat coconut milk from a can, and it can be an easy way to help your child poop. It can also be a cure when your child already has mild constipation. 

Some moms mix some juice with coconut milk and kids will love it. Others blend coconut milk with frozen chunks of mango and make it like frozen soft-serve ice cream. 

Coconut oil

Coconut oil as well is a good idea to make your toddler poop. You can spread coconut oil on a warm toast with honey or other sweet syrup. Even a tablespoon of coconut oil can help your toddler who is having mild constipation. You can also use coconut oil instead of canola oil when cooking. 

With the use of some reminders and good foods to make your toddler poop, you can be assured that your kids will eventually have a more healthy body. We hope that this article has helped you with toddler constipation and even to prevent it. Kids can be hard to train in eating certain foods to make them healthy or to make your toddler poop, but good thing there are some effective tricks that you can use to make them eat it. We hope that you have learned something from it and you can share it as well with other parents.

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