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Best Hedgehog Soft Toys for Babies

Best Hedgehog Soft Toys for Babies

When babies are old enough, they can enjoy playing with stuffed toys. Parents love to buy cute stuffed toys that make their babies laugh and smile. While many stuffed animals are cute, hedgehog soft toys are fun for babies. In order to help you decide on what’s best, here are some recommended and nicely-picked selections of the best hedgehog soft toys for babies: 

Mary Meyer WubbaNub Soft Toy and Infant Pacifier, Sunshine Hedgehog

This sunshine hedgehog is a stuffed animal and pacifier at the same time. It is combined into a soft and soothing toy. It is latex-free, has a medical-grade silicone that is recommended for babies 0-6 months old. It is designed in a way that babies can easily grab and manipulate it especially the pacifier. You can use cold water in a mesh laundry bag or air dry. It has a unique, beautiful and soft fabric that has outstanding quality for soft baby toys.

Wild Republic Hedgehog Plush, Stuffed Animal, Plush Toy, Gifts for Kids, Cuddlekins, 8 Inches

This hedgehog soft toy will inspire you to add more hedgehogs in your collection. This stuffed animal is made of high-quality material that is washable in case it gets dirty when your kids play outside. The stuffed toy is just 8 inches small so it is handy if you want to bring it along to school and put it in your kid’s backpack. Through these cute plushies, you can bring a joy to your kid’s bedroom or playroom. 

Bearington Biggie Higgy Plush Stuffed Animal Hedgehog, 9 inches

This adorable and cute 9 inches hedgehog soft toy with very soft fur will definitely light up your day. Its sweet expressive face can also make your baby laugh and smile. The surface of this toy is washable so you don’t have to worry when it gets dirty. It is suitable for little boys and girls of all ages. It comes from the award-winning Bearington Collection that is known for its luxurious and premium fabrics. 

Douglas Spunky Hedgehog

This five-inch long spunky and cutie stuffed hedgehog is a huge hit. This ultra-soft and adorable little hedgehog can fit in your hands. Your little baby will definitely love it as well. It also has soft and silky fur that resembles the hedgehog’s spines but minus the prickliness. Its surface as well is conveniently washable whenever it gets too messy. Parents can seriously consider this toy for their baby because they will surely enjoy playing with it and even make it their buddy. 

SoapSox Kids Hendrix The Hedgehog – Baby Bath Toy and Sponge

SoapSox is the next generation of washable fabric for babies and toddlers. Their collection has unique, soft and colorful toys that make bathing for kids fun and exciting. This wash mitt is partly a bath toy and partly sponge. It is a soft and cuddly toy that will make your child’s bath time into playtime. This scrub uses a soft and anti-microbial sponge. It even has built-in finger pockets to make your scrubbing secure. You just simply add water and soap and then scrub. Your child will enjoy the bathing time. This toy is BPA-free, PVC-free and non-toxic. It is also suitable for all ages.  

Living Nature Large Hedgehog Soft Toy (23cm) 

This stuffed hedgehog toy looks realistic as possible and gives great hugs to your babies. It is made of premium and soft fabric. It is suitable for animal lovers kids. It has a nice tag that explains about the animal’s behavior, habitat, and diet. It has over 120 different nature animals aside from hedgehog, so you can collect as many as you can and make the playroom of your baby a mini zoo.  

Soothing Starlight Nightlight Toy Projector – Soft Plush Animal with Starry Projections, Soft Musical Lullabies, Color Changing, Cry Sensor, Auto-off, Battery Operated – Harry the Hedgehog by ZazuKids 

This hedgehog soft toy is battery-operated. It has a cordless starry projector with a soft plush exterior. It will help soothe your child during his nap time or bedtime. The stuffed animal can also be detached from the projection module as well for easy cleaning. Hand wash is recommended. 

It’s not all, it has a magical star and moon that shows 4 different color projections on the ceiling. It is a nice idea for a bedroom that parents and kids can enjoy. Also, it has soothing melodies that help calm your child and encourage them to have a deep sleep. It also has auto-shutoff so when your child is already peacefully sleeping, the music will shut oof after 15 minutes and the projector will turn off after 30 minutes. Another plus is that it has a cry sensor. So when your child cries, the sensor re-initiates the light and sound to soothe and calm your child again. This is definitely an amazing and great purchase for parents! 

Manhattan Toy Nursing Nissa Hedgehog Stuffed Animal with 3 Baby Hedgehogs 

This special stuffed hedgehog toy features an ultra-push and highly detailed mama hedgehog and 3 little baby hedgehogs. Each of the three little hedgehogs can be easily detached and attached to the nursing mama hedgehog using magnets. The magnets are embedded and securely sewn inside the nursing mama and her baby hedgehogs. This is a really nice and unique stuffed toy for your little one.

The 8 recommended hedgehog soft toys for babies above are quite fantastic and worth your time to scan and think about. You can also search for other ideas for yourself as well. You can try other kinds of animals that your baby may like and you like as well. Cute stuffed toys like these are nice gifts for your babies. They have nice fabric and has soothing features that can help you take care of your little one. We hope that you will find the most suitable toys for your little sweetheart. 

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