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Best Travel Beds for Kids

Best Travel Beds for Kids

Traveling with your kid requires a sleeping arrangement and a bit more planning. There should be a ready bed alternative because your kids are old enough to sleep in a regular bed, that is why you surely need to have an extra bed for yourself. While they are still young, always remember that bringing a travel toddler bed or kid’s portable bed is a must and it tends to be cheaper and a better option. If you have plans on traveling with your kid, chances are you will be searching for a travel bed for kids. And toddlers are often big for travel costs and you surely don’t want to pay for another room for them. 

Choosing the best kid’s portable bed for your toddler travel sleep can be a hard task to do, which is why this article aims to give you an idea about the best travel bed for kids. Know more about what the best travel bed for kids can be and determine the features you need to consider before purchasing it.

Travel beds 

Planning to have a vacation with your family? You can bring with you the best travel bed for kids that are practical and would cost you nothing at all.

1. Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed, Includes Fitted Sheet, Royal Blue by Regalo

Enjoy your weekend getaway with this My Cot Portable Toddler Bed by Regalo for it is a multi-functional bed for your little one who needs a comfortable and safe place to rest. It is a very important item for travel, sleepovers, camping, picnics and the like. This toddler travel cot was designed for convenience for most parents.

You can easily set it up in a matter of seconds, whenever and wherever you need it. It’s 48’’ long and can surely accommodate children up to 75 pounds and it is ideal for children ages 2 years old to 5 years. It’s made of all-steel construction and it is built durable and versatile.

It is proven safe and convenient for parents and children and this will surely give parents peace of mind. It’s also built with excellent materials which include a sheet that is for adding comfort while your little one plays or just relaxes. It fits easily in big luggage and it wasn’t heavy at all. This is highly recommended for parents who keep on traveling with their kids. 

2. Butterfly Craze Kid’s Floor Pillow Bed Cover – Use as Nap Mat, Portable Toddler BedAlternative for Sleepovers, Travel, Napping, or as a Lounger for Reading, Playing. CoverOnly! by Butterfly Craze

Butterfly Craze Kid’s Floor and Pillow Bed Cover is a dual-purpose bed for kids. It can be a cover for bed or can be placed on the floor and still feel comfortable. This is also recommended for traveling purposes or even camping. The covers have two sizes, the king and queen sizes. It is proven soft and comfortable by just using very soft premium fabric, gentle on the most sensitive skin types of your baby.

You only need your pillows to add support. Your babies can bounce and make it feel like they are in clouds. It can very hassle if you bring pillows with you while you travel, but don’t worry because it can still be used even if without any pillows for support. This will please your baby as they can bounce and roll on this travel bed. They will love to cuddle up in the warmth of the fanciful loungers. The toddler travel bed is very easy to wash with cold water and it is fade resistant so it will stay fresh and very new. 

3. EVERYDAY Kids Toddler Nap Mat with Removable Pillow – Unicorn Dreams – CarryHandle with Straps Closure, Rollup Design, Soft Microfiber for Preschool, Daycare,Travel Sleeping Bag – Ages 3-6 Years by EVERYDAY KIDS

This merrily designed Toddler Nap Mat by EVERYDAY KIDS will make your children’s imagination for dreams that are full of adventures and surely they will wake up in a good mood and relaxed. This is an ideal nap mat for kids ages 3 to 6 years of age. Its comforter is made of soft microfiber to keep your kid comfortable and relaxed while they are in a deep slumber. This nap mat can be brought anywhere just like when traveling because it has a roll-up design and carries handle.

This is also made up of very high-quality material and is breathable and fade resistant and certainly hypoallergenic. Do not worry about your child kicking off the covers of the comforter as this comes with plenty of air circulation with no zippers so that your kid can do whatever sleeping positions they like. This nap will help them be excited about asleep and they will most likely attain high-quality sleep. 

4. Disney NK320516 Princess Portable Slumber Cot, Purple by Disney

Disney, the maker itself will certainly make your kids go crazy especially the little girls. Girls are very fascinated over the prince and princesses of Disney, that’s why this Disney NK320516 Princess Portable Slumber Cot is the best portable slumber for your little one’s nap time, sleepovers and travel buddy. This portable bed comes with a case that can be carried easily to take on and go. The bed can be folded and easily opens in just a matter of seconds. Your kid will have a comfortable sleep space featuring her favorite Disney characters. The bed is big and is made with a very strong metal frame. 


There are so many points to consider when selecting a travel bed for kids. This is a very big deal because we are merely talking about the comfort that your kids will have. Always make sure that you buy the quality travel beds because you are most likely bringing it to one place to another. You should always take into consideration the size and weight of your kid before deciding on what to buy. Lastly, the best travel bed for kids will be the one that is easy and quick to put up. In the end, we only want the best comfort for the kids, just give them the comfort they need such as in their way of resting. The best travel bags for kids must always matter. 

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