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Breast Implants Before and After Pregnancy: is it Safe?

The decision to have a breast implant is very intimate, a judgment that only you can make. It’s about how you want to improve your quality of life. There’s no perfect time to get a boob job. Many women should wait until they’re done making babies and done nursing to take the step, but it doesn’t mean you must wait. Some women have had breast implants after pregnancy and nursing, understanding full well that they may want to have another child in the future. It’s up to you. But there are things you need to consider.

Breast implant before babies

When you’re expecting and after your baby arrives, your boobs will have breast milk. If you already had your breast augmentation surgery, they become bigger with milk. Exciting, right? But listen, pregnancy expands the breast gland and after nursing is done, the gland shrinks back to a tinier size, but the skin cover stays bigger. This means that your boobs won’t be as lively as they were during your teen years. You may feel your breast sagging and will possibly have to return for surgery to redo them or have a breast lift. Hence, most surgeons will recommend waiting if you want to have a baby again within the year.  

What does a maternal fetal medicine doctor do?
What does a maternal fetal medicine doctor do?

Some females have a breast lift and implants before pregnancy and happy with the decision they made. It just depends on your special structure. It’s safe to have breast lift before pregnancy and completely safe to lactate. Your implants will not affect your newborn in any event. You may feel problems with lactating depending on the kinds of augmentation you choose and the procedure in which they are implanted, so ensure to discuss with your surgeon about your nursing goals. You’ll want to choose silicone implants as they’re natural-looking and some reported breastfeeding success after a mommy makeover.

According to Dr. Adam Kolker, in an interview with the Cosmopolitan, breast implants before and after pregnancy could impact your ability to lactate in the future. Women who have breast augmentation surgery often prefer not to breastfeed, so the statistics sets on these women are unclear, he adds. If you’re a mommy makeover, there’s a little danger you can injure minor ducts, and/or remove areola complex with the main part of the gland, impeding your capability to lactate. “Females who have underarm openings or cuts in the crease of the boob shouldn’t have an issue.”

But there’s a chance that the boobs can transform after pregnancy or nursing. 

It’s hard to foresee how breastfeeding and pregnancy will impact anyone woman’s breast surgery. Some women feel drastic changes in size or shape, while others feel almost without change. Tinier chested females may notice fewer changes. The genetics also plays an important factor as you can see a change after the pregnancy and breastfeeding based on what your mother felt. But consider this way – lots of women with no breast implants have modifications in their boobs after kids. Most of these same females will choose to have a lift with implants or a breast lift. Others will put it up to the pregnancy procedure and will continue about their lifestyle. Again, this is a crucial decision that you’ll have to decide for yourself.

According to Dr.Kolker, 25% of women will need additional breast augmentation surgery after 10 years, because augmentations don’t last long.” The implant might start to discharge over the years or a “scar shell” could grow around, changing the shape and triggering demand for new breast surgery. Pregnancy, weight loss and transform in preference are other reasons that could trigger a patient to pursue additional surgical procedures after several years, he adds.

If you don’t like the thought of undergoing multiple surgeries, then you should wait to have your breast implants after pregnancy and nursing. Always refer to a board-certified plastic surgeon to talk about your questions and issues. She or he will work out your options, and create the best solution for you and your quality of life. 

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