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5 Effective Ways to Getting Toddlers to Eat Vegetables

5 Effective Ways to Getting Toddlers to Eat Vegetables

Even at an earlier age, it’s not unusual for babies to avoid vegetables. When getting toddlers to eat vegetables feels like a fight of wills, persuade your choosy eater into eating his veggies by trying out with the tactics below, all recommended by Circle of Moms representatives who have gone through this stage. 

Play with Food 

Likewise, Fern states that making a play of eating vegetables helps your mom become an expert on how to encourage the child to eat vegetables. “I requested him to have a bite and close eyes and relish the sweetness,” she tells of presenting her son to the bell peppers. “The next taste I told, ‘See if you can get a taste of the saltiness, and sourness.’ Letting him discover the taste to its fullest has assisted him to love them.” Fern also tells supplying vegetables in different types can give your child a munch for cruciferous diets. “Some babies like raw versus roasted. My kids enjoyed the frozen vegetarian mixture,” which her family lovingly calls it “vegisicles.” 

Kimberly tells allowing children to assemble veggies into fun shapes and photos make consuming veggies attractive. “Occasionally I think children just get tired in the same way, so by just making them look exciting on the dinner plate makes a huge difference.” She recommends faces designed from carrot eyes, cauliflower noses, green bean eyebrows or even snowmen created from the mashed potatoes. “My boy is 21 months and likes his plate being decorated and so, he enjoys his food.

Dunk or Hide   

Kerry, another member of the Circle of Moms tells that if her boy had an opportunity, he would live on “macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and graham crackers.” So, she what she did she blends the fruits and veggies and puts the blend in his favorite foods such as spaghetti sauce and pancakes. I still give veggies openly with every mealtime, she adds, just in case he’s uncommonly exciting and wants to consume them solo. 

Michelle is also a mom who blends and conceals. She tells that veggies can be concealed in essentially anything you cook such as toddler vegetable snacks, baby smoothies recipes and juices, spaghetti sauce, casseroles, scrambled eggs, muffins, shepherd’s pie, meatloaf, and more.

If you don’t like the thought of subterfuge, then you can consider Nichole’s method. She makes a play of allowing her 2-year-old child dips his veggies into the different sauce like hummus, yogurt, peanut butter, ranch dressing, and applesauce. “At the first, they may smell it,” she says, “but in the end being agreed to dunk becomes an interesting game. I gave peppers and carrots million times and eventually he dove in!”

Have a Garden 

Children sometimes will grow their tastes for fruits and vegetables when they know where the food originates from. Kylie recommends bringing your child to a farmers’ market or fresh produce shop to introduce her all colors and help choose the vegetables to purchase. “I believe when children involved with the method of planting, shopping, and cooking, the vegetables have more charm.” 

Twila approves. “My boy would not devour vegetables for a long time. One day we were in the backyard picking best green veggies for toddlers and he took one out of the basket and kids eating vegetables. so, we began trying other raw vegetables and he loved it.  

“Plus,” as Jenni pointed out, ” vegetables fresh from the backyard has a flavor 10 times better than the ones in the store.” 

Save the Best for Last 

When all games and backyard gardening and toddler won’t eat vegetables anymore, Kate advise moms give a motivation, such as a dessert. This has worked out for Mel. Her girl is very fast to eat whatever is in front of her because she gives her dessert on the table next to her food, so she sees it.” She said that “If she doesn’t eat her dinner, she doesn’t eat dessert and she’s made to just watch everybody else enjoy theirs.” 

Keep Trying 

Last but not least, Heather retells mother to try and try again on how to make veggies taste good for toddlers. “Children are very choosy in their palates, and I think we can make a choosy eater if we give up and start counting ketchup as a veggie.” Even though her baby girl refuses to anything green, Heather tells she keeps on putting vegetables on the dinner plate. “And frequently she shocks me and will start enjoying it if it lays on her meal plate long enough.”

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