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Parenting 101: How to Survive the Last Two Weeks of Pregnancy?

Parenting 101: How to Survive the Last Two Weeks of Pregnancy?

Congratulations, you’re in the last month of pregnancy. You’re in the final stretch and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. How to survive the last two weeks of pregnancy? In this last month, you may realize that you are starting to lose your patience and most importantly, heart. 

Your mental strength in the last two weeks of pregnancy miserable and can be as vital as physical strength. Or maybe more. So, here are the most useful tips for staying happy, excited and strong while struggling with the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Why the last week of pregnancy is the hardest? 

1. Ready to carry your baby until your due date.

You will get to know from many women telling you they had labored at 37 weeks. And it’s great and you might be the same, too. But if it’s not, don’t assume daily on from 37 weeks that this might be it. Always assuming if your due date is every day. Although only about 5% of women give birth on their due date, it’s better to exceed than undershoot. It’s common for first-time moms to go past their due date. But have your hospital bag and baby things ready from 36 weeks should you be amazed.) 

2. Reflect daily when the fact that the longer the baby stays in the nursery room, the healthier she or he will be.

Babies that are born prematurely have more issues regulating body temperature, own less-developed brains and perhaps to be admitted to the hospital for some other reasons than a baby born on its due. And so, it’s not an upsetting baby to stay in you, it’s helping them instead. You may just have battle scars to show for it.

3. Don’t stop your enjoyment.

When the end of pregnancy is near, many pregnant women stop planning activities or doing things with the thinking they will give birth unexpectedly. But do the opposite. Organize all the normal activities you perform or even more. Enjoying the last days of pregnancy will help you forget your only focus on the arrival of the baby. It can be like watching the grass grows. If the baby comes to the world, your family and friends will understand what prevents you from meeting them. 

4. Focus on the other children’s development and bonding activities.

Considering that when the baby comes, your capability to focus on the other kids will be reduced, use the last 12 weeks of pregnancy to give time and focus on them. You will miss those days when you want to be with them and breastfeed the new baby. Teach them how to ride a bicycle. Read their favorite book. Do a fun activity in their room. Try and finish all the books at home. Do different kinds of events and allows you to enjoy that special moment. 

5. Create a list of the bits and pieces at home that you never get to do. Check how many of those activities you can. cross off the list. To make it more exciting, consider it a game with yourself!

Small things like organizing the kitchen, putting up curtains in the room or cleaning the storage and selling unused stuff to your neighborhood. Small things are the key since you don’t have to wall torn when the new member of the family arrives. All work must have the ability to finish quickly.

6. Treat yourself.

The third trimester waiting game is a perfect time to pamper yourself as possible because it will be more difficult to allot time and focus on beauty once the little ones arrive. And so, you must use the time to treat yourself to a manicure, new haircut and hair color, eyebrows wax and more. Aside from this will make you beautiful during delivery, it will give you a head start for the next few months when you don’t have time anymore and you just don’t care. 

7. Sleep.

Why is the last month of pregnancy so hard? If you don’t have any other children, you do have the opportunity to take naps. You can go to sleep early. Get as much rest as possible. You will indeed be going into a sleep-deprived stage of life for the next 5 years.

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