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Can I Drink Sugarcane Juice During Pregnancy? Here’s the 9 Health Benefits

During pregnancy, you need to be more careful about what you eat. Are you a picky eater or not? If you are, then consider adding sugarcane juice to your healthy balanced diet. The juice is not only healthy but perfect to satisfy your thirst and sweet cravings while carrying your baby bump.

In this post, we are going to share about “can I drink sugarcane juice during pregnancy,” sugarcane juice nutrient contents, if sugarcane juice in pregnancy third trimester is recommended, health benefits and more.

Nutrients in the sugarcane

Sugarcane is a family of tall perennial grasses that are locally grown in the tropical areas of Southeast Asia and New Guinea and often are warm temperature places. It is mainly used to make sugar. But its processing delivers some more beneficial products such as bagasse and molasses. 

Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and C, calcium, magnesium, and iron are the rich nutrients in the sugarcane. It is also a great source of phytonutrients, fiber, and antioxidants that turns sugarcane juice into a healthy drink if you’re making it fresh and clean.

Sugarcane during the third trimester

Pregnant women are safe to drink sugarcane juice. Though, it’s highly recommended to see a doctor first if you have gestational diabetes as the threats are linked with your glucose tolerance amounts.

Remember to do the checking of the product label for nutritive content, ingredients and shelf life, if you’re buying a packaged sugarcane juice. However, it’s always best to drink freshly made juice, especially if you’re pregnant. You can have sugarcane juice in pregnancy third trimester if you have a juicer.

Do know how to make sugarcane juice?

Making a fresh, tasty and pure juice involves just three steps:

  • With your juicer, squeeze the sugarcane stalks.
  • In a glass, strain the juice.
  • The best part, add your favorite ingredients like mint leaves, lemon juice, ginger or black salt to upgrade the flavor,

This a perfect drink to satiate your cravings especially if you are pregnant. Also, aside from rewarding your sweet cravings, it delivers sugarcane juice benefits for babies.

Sugarcane juice benefits for babies

If you’re pregnant, sugarcane juice provides several health benefits such as:

Improves vitality

A glass of sugarcane juice can give you more energy if you’re feeling lethargic and need a vitality booster. Sugarcane contains sucrose that helps improve the level of energy, quenches thirst, replenishes the body, and refills the lost sugar content in the system.

Boosts immune system

Since sugarcane contains antioxidants, they serve as an immune booster and fight against flu, infections, and cold while pregnant. It also keeps the liver safe and controls the bilirubin levels. When the mother has a healthy immune system it also protects the baby’s health inside the womb. 

Promotes unborn child health

Protein helps improves the health of the mother and the baby and so, sugarcane is good during pregnancy because it’s a rich source. Sugarcane also contains vitamin B9 or folic acid which is known to lessen the dangers of congenital diseases like spina bifida that can trigger bowel problems, learning difficulties and movements. 

Prevents morning sickness

During pregnancy, morning sickness is a common problem but sugarcane juice benefits for babies with ginger can help ease this worry.

Treat skin problems 

Sometimes acne in women becomes worse when they got pregnant and it’s because of the estrogen levels. Sugarcane during pregnancy helps treat acne since it contains glycolic acid. Thus, drinking a glass of sugarcane juice can help cure skin issues.

Helps with constipation 

Constipation and indigestion are common problems during pregnancy and adding sugarcane in your diet can help indeed help. It is also effective for stomach diseases.

Combats urinary tract infections

During the gestation period, one of the problems of pregnant women is urinary tract infections. Since sugarcane juice is a natural antioxidant and a great source of minerals, it washes the UTI away. Drinking sugarcane juice can also treat other illnesses such as jaundice and kidney stones.

Regulates weight

Overweight is also a common issue during pregnancy and the polyphenol compounds in the juice can help improve the metabolic rate and keep your weight in check.

Avoid dental problems

Pregnant women often have bad breath and tooth decay during pregnancy. By always drinking sugarcane juice, you can avoid the dental problem because the juice has good amounts of calcium and magnesium.

The takeaway

While sugarcane juice in pregnancy third trimester is important to your health, however, it does not necessarily mean that you have to overindulge.

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