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Top 20 Beautiful, Funny and Inspirational Pregnancy Quotes from 2019

Is pregnancy worth it? Of course! Pregnancy is a blessing that most married couples look forward to. It is one of the journeys that comes with joy and excitement. You will experience changes and carrying your little one within you tends to have a wonderful feeling. Being a pregnant woman, you will surely read some pregnancy and parenting books to guide you. Along with those pregnancy books, you can also read some cute pregnancy quotes and sayings, beautiful, funny and inspirational pregnancy quotes for stress relief. Also, you will experience emotional changes along with your pregnancy journey so you need funny pregnancy memes, funny pregnancy quotes, or pregnancy puns to make you laugh or smile. If you are a first-time mom, these quotes and sayings for first-time moms can also inspire you. 

Here are some of the funny new mom quotes, inspirational quotes for new moms, and 20 beautiful, funny and inspirational quotes from 2019 that can help you with your journey or have great pregnancy captions for Instagram. 

Beautiful, Funny and Inspirational Pregnancy Quotes

  • Harriette Hartigan quoted that giving birth is a miracle and being born delivers us to the importance of creation; the human spirit is brave as well as the body. 
  • Mary Mason quoted that your baby is someone you carry in your belly for nine months, in your hands and arms until he’s three years old and will stay in your heart until you die. 
  • George W. Bush quoted that he would rather go to war than raise his twins because he had been to war and its easier.
  • John Stevenson quoted that giving birth is an “ecstatic jubilant adventure” that is available to women only. A mother does not become pregnant to give doctors a job yet it is a woman’s crowning experience in her life. 
  • RotteneCards quoted that a woman can burst into tears or possibly kill a person in the next five minutes because of the changes in her pregnancy hormones. 
  • An unknown author said that a pregnant woman is like a superhero. A superhero that is weak, always tired, and wants to eat all the time who is also not allowed to lift heavy objects.  
  • Emily Perkins quoted that a woman’s first pregnancy is a really long journey that you don’t know any language. The land of pregnancy is in sight for a long time then it will be just the horizon you can see. Then, there comes a day wherein birds will wheel over the dark shape until its close. All you can do is hope that you have the right shots. 
  • Elizabeth Stone quoted that making the right decision for having your little one is important because you have to be ready. It’s like a decision that will last forever and will have your heart walk outside your body.  
  • Gloria in Modern Family said that she experienced having two brains inside her belly and she has never been so dumb!
  • Angelina Jolie quoted that one great thing about being pregnant is that you don’t have to have an excuse when you need to pee or eat. 
  • An unknown author quoted that a baby is a gift because he will make you love stronger, make your days shorter and nights longer, bank accounts smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier; the past is forgotten and the future worth living for. 
  • Beyoncé quoted that there is a no bigger gift that can surpass the creation of life inside a woman’s body. It is surely the most powerful thing.
  • Benjamin Spock quoted that what makes good mothers and fathers are that they instinctively feel like doing all things for their babies and it’s the best after all. 
  • Anne Christian Buchanan quoted that being pregnant is about being vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and distressingly inhabited. Your soul and spirit are also stretched-along with your body which makes your pregnancy a time of change, growth, and profound beginnings.
  • An unknown author said that no matter how bad a mother’s day has been, it will just take one kick from her baby to make everything feel alright. 
  • Amy Poehler quoted that back then, she has a terrific flat stomach but then, two giant babies have used it as a short-term apartment that made it kind of blown out. 
  • Someecards quoted that when you are pregnant, you don’t care about your friends who are dieting and exercising. You will just care about ‘Baby wants a cupcake’”. 
  • Joan Raphael-Leff quoted that during pregnancy, there are two bodies, one is inside the other. Two people live under one skin as well where so much life is dedicated to maintaining integrity as distinct beings, the bodily tandem is an undeniable fact. 
  • Eda LeShan quoted that a mother’s new baby is somehow the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, and a dream of possibilities.
  • Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn quoted that women may find that they give birth to new possibilities within themselves through giving birth to their babies.

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Given these 20 beautiful, funny and inspirational pregnancy quotes from 2019, we hope you will have a great pregnancy journey!

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