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Can Pregnant Women Eat Honey?

A number of considerations are to be kept in mind during pregnancy; right? From the comfortable clothes that make pregnant women feel at ease down to the food they take, it really is a challenging part to narrow down all the choices of food that this certain period among mothers and the soon to be ones requires. Sugar which in different studies cites its beneficial and unbeneficial impact on ones’ health, has earned a lot of questions if pregnant women are safe to consume products containing it.

Honey, in particular, is one of those that contains fructose that might leave a big question about its consumption during pregnancy.

Benefits of honey

Almost everyone has an idea about the great benefits that honey provides. Because of the nutrients present in honey; people of different ages may have benefitted from it; making this food one of the leading remedies in treating a certain number of health issues. From being a good ingredient that should always be present in the kitchen down to the treatments that honey is known for, the questions are; can it be eaten during pregnancy? The fact that a pregnant woman carries a precious gift of life inside her womb, is it safe to take honey most especially now that sweet foods are found to be unhealthy for consumptions and that they may lead people to severe illnesses.  But the answer is yes, provided it is taken in moderation. This is something that every pregnant woman should keep as a weapon against sickness during her pregnancy.

Benefits of honey during pregnancy

A certain amount of honey would contain dietary oxidants good for the body. If, for example, mixed with lukewarm water with lemon, and taken every morning with an empty stomach, it would make the digestive system ready for its work. Indigestion will never find its way to bring trouble to this healthy lifestyle. From indigestion down to another common sickness – cough, this powerful natural ingredient should be part of the list of food to be consumed during pregnancy.

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One might ask, “What then are the other benefits of honey during this period?” The pregnancy period is a time when a number of common issues arise due to the sensitivity of the women’s bodies. As a pregnant woman develops problems regarding her behavior and health, which is quite normal on this stage, it is just right to be familiarized with the health benefits of honey. a)  Honey strengthens the immune system. One important factor of a healthy lifestyle is having a good immune system that fights foreign bodies. Honey’s natural properties can help pregnant women maintain boosted immunity.

It even cures acid reflux that sometimes hard to avoid because of the choices of food intake. Untreated acid reflux may lead to heartburns that might become an issue; b) honey also helps when cough and colds attacks. It is believed that honey is better than over-the-counter medicines. A combination of honey and lemon will be of great contribution to the treatment. Honey may do the soothing of the throat while lemon may help in the congestion; c) it may also be a remedy to cuts and wounds and minor burns as well.

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Though there are already existing medical treatments and other options in healing wounds, honey may still be an effective remedy because of its antibacterial properties; d) Honey may also treat ulcers, as mentioned above, because of its antibacterial properties, a type of bacteria called Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), maybe stopped from populating.

These bacteria are growing slowly and it may take time before ulcer gets treated, so it is a must to keep a honey regimen; e) Another common problem among pregnant women is insomnia. This might be caused by a number of reasons like anxiety, stress, hormonal changes, and others. Insomnia attacks may be irritable among pregnant women and might change their sleep patterns.

Though naps can be made during daytime, it would negatively influence sleeping schedule at night. Honey may induce sleep. Its hypnotic actions help in achieving a good and undisturbed sleep at night.

Where the honey is bought or where it is from also matters. It is mostly advised to have honey that is organic or pasteurized. This kind of honey is usually made available direct from farms. Organic honey undergoes less processing making it safer for consumption.

Honey and medical side

Eating honey during the pregnancy period may receive varying views and opinions from different people most especially among doctors. Though pregnant women are not disallowed from consuming honey, it is and will always be a thought to be kept in mind that pregnancy is a sensitive period for both the pregnant woman and the child inside the womb. Everything matters, thus food intake has to always be put into consideration most especially sugar consumption. Honey may have a lot of benefits, but facts like it still have unhealthy benefits will always exist.

The properties of honey that makes it sweet will give negative impacts to the body especially if consumed more than the recommended serving. Weight gain and dental problems maybe some of those said impacts. Pregnancy would mean extra care and protection. it is better to get advice and guidance from trusted doctors as they have the full knowledge when it comes to pregnancy period. Honey is sweet and may be tempting, but there nothing is sweeter than being considerate of one’s body and diet during the time of pregnancy.

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