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Cartoons for Babies: Should Babies and Toddlers Watch Cartoons?

Many TV programs are for young children. It seems that so many things are instructive.
You’ll discover when it is the right time to introduce cartoons to your baby!

After we have dealt intensively with the effects of television on the lives of children, and most of us almost daily on television, we don’t want to know perhaps, what can we learn from the research, it is an important thing every parent should know.

The cartoons and other children’s shows are full of pictures of violence. If you can’t believe it, watch TV on a Saturday morning.

Babies and toddlers have a special look at the world. Studies have shown that many infants believe that TV characters actually live on television.

And this can interfere with the understanding of the children’s world.

It can convey the image of a terrible, unstable and confusing world, and your child has no way to back what it sees, again in the right perspective.

Can Watching TV Be Addictive?

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Probably For parents, it is a daily struggle that their babies stay away from television after an addiction.

They even find it difficult to manage something else, and they are wasting valuable time that should be devoted to the foundations of a healthy childhood.

Parents sometimes start using television as a solution to keep their children always calm and happy, sometimes without paying attention.

Even though it looks simple but sometimes dangerous, babysitter needs Motivation and commitment to get around the easy path she offers.

Children are growing physically, mentally and emotionally.

Children who spend a lot of time watching television as children are threatened by obesity, poor social development, and positive behavior.

They are generally difficult to adapt in kindergartens.

According to a survey conducted by Yale Family Television Research, teachers reported that those who watch television were less cooperative, resourceful, not interested in learning, and unhappy than those who do not watch much television.

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TV Watching Tips For Parents

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The following tips help minimize the negative effects of your child’s TV and maximize the positive effects:

  • Wait for the TV to display and watch the Video for your Baby as long as possible. If you want your child to see before the age of two years remote, select the appropriate program carefully, limiting the transmission time and skip as many days as possible. (Daily observation is usually a habit.) The shorter you look, the more you will remember it forever.
  • Take a look at the program before you show it to your Baby. Sometimes you will be surprised that many programs for children involve violence or something that is not suitable for your children.
  • Select the program that suits your child. For them, they can be slow, boring and maybe a little goofy. But choose your program from your child’s point of view, not your program.

These are the most important steps that all parents need to know. We will be happy to hear your speech as soon as possible.

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