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10 Yoga Poses To Boost Your Fertility

Studies have shown that Yoga Poses can aid in reducing stress, which naturally affects fertility.

Some experts as well think that specified Yoga Poses can help enhance your chances of having a baby by the increase of blood flow to the pelvis, which stimulates the glands that produce hormones, and then release any muscle tension you might have.


Yoga Poses:


Here are 10 Yoga Poses to help you enhance your fertility levels:


1. The Staff Pose – The Foot And Ankle Warm-Up.


The Staff Pose - The Foot And Ankle Warm Up


Walking always in high heels could move your pelvic floor out of its alignment, which could result in lowering your lymphatic system and making it harder for you to get pregnant.


2. The Half Ankle To Knee Pose


The Half Ankle To Knee Pose


This pose opens your hips and can help align your uterus the proper way, which makes getting pregnant more probable.

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3. The Knee To Chest Pose


The Knee to Chest Pose


If your work is the type where you sit at a desk all day, your hip flexors would be tight. 


4. The Bridge Pose



This pose helps in enhancing standing-still body connection between your hips, your pelvis, and your lower back, and it as well stimulates your immune system.


5. The Mountain Pose


The Mountain Pose


You could make your circulation so much better and properly align your pelvis when you do this pose.


6. The Shoulder Opening Mountain Pose


The Shoulder Opening Mountain Pose


Shoulder tension seriously travels throughout your body and might create muscle barriers from the neck to the pelvis, which results in compromising your deep breathes and increase your fertility burdening stress level.


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7. The High Lunge Pose – With a Side Stretch


The High Lunge Pose - With A Side Stretch


Doing this pose allows your body to have a boost by opening your hips and pelvis. You’ll notice that it is being done right if you feel stretching feelings in your pelvis as well as hip flexors and on the side of your hip and torso.


8. The Seated Twist


The Seated Twist


Twisting helps to move out the causes behind fertility tension that might be in your organs and also muscles.


9. The Goddess Pose


The Goddess Pose


This rejuvenating pose helps in opening your hips and pelvis which can aid in relaxing you, one of the things that could be difficult to do when you’re trying to have a baby.


10. The Corpse Pose


The Corpse Pose


Stress and anxiety are absolute fertility barriers

Would you try any of these? Let us know in the comments!


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