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Chips for Pregnant Women: are they Safe?

There are a lot of foods that make a pregnant belly happy. Sometimes, they include those which are unhealthy. The pregnant’s body is sensitive. It only means that they must be watchful of what they want to intake and be absorbed by their babies’ bodies. For expecting moms out there, do you have the same question as “Chips for Pregnant Women: Are they Safe?” Then, you are in for a treat. This is the list of answers to that question you have in mind.

What pregnancy does to your body?

A perfectly healthy women’s body is high on busters that guide her body from foreign objects that may cause disease and illness. Now, if a woman got pregnant, she is more susceptible to illnesses. Why? The body brings her to guard down to make way for foreign bodies to be recognized by your body. Pregnancy lowers a mom’s immune system, which means that her health is slightly weaker than normal. This is to ensure that your baby isn’t rejected by your body and be detected as a foreign object.

It is safe to say that mommies should ensure that what they are taking inside their bodies is nutritious and can benefit the health of her baby as well as herself. The most compromised party in pregnancy is the mom-to-be’s. So start taking care of yourself and that will lead to karma that is good for your baby.

Chips for pregnant women

Because pregnant women are sometimes choosy and selective to the things they eat, they tend to choose food that their tastebuds crave. Chips are the most common food that pregnant woman craves. Chips are high in salt sn sugar that comes with bad effects on the body of the baby. High sodium content can lead to underweight or premature birth on the part of the woman. Also, mothers, who consume the compound called acrylamide- which is also found on chips are found to have developed smaller baby head circumference.

The size and weight of a child may be associated with the delay in neurodevelopment and the lower birth weights are connected to the development and nutrient intake in the early stage of their lives. Mothers-to-be who had a high acrylamide consumption is proven to have a 132 grams lighter baby than those mothers-to-be who had a balanced diet while they are pregnant. Also, consumption o chips and salty foods can increase the risk of a woman having diabetes and being overweight.

Alternative chips for pregnant women 

There are still chips that a woman can intake while she is having her offspring with her. A good and balanced diet must be observed at all times while in the pregnancy stage. Alternatives to the foods that you used to take when you are not yet pregnant may be practiced for the slow withdrawal to the junk food you are craving. Here is a list of the alternative chips or pregnant woman that you might want to consider in the fulfillment of your cravings:

1. Baked Kale Chips

When baked, there is less to no oil used in cooking these chips. Meaning, less cholesterol can be found in one serving. Kale chips are a good source of folate that can be beneficial to fetal brain development. You can season some salt on top of it just for it to taste.

2. Dried Seaweeds

There are some seaweed varieties that can be good for the consumption of a pregnant woman. They have, in fact, some nutritious benefits to fetal development and also to maternal health. But all forms of seaweed contain a high percentage of nutrients that can benefit a developing baby grow and survive. The iron in seaweed is highly present because of the high vitamin C content also present in these sea vegetables. Vitamin C nourishes the body to absorb and use iron. Seaweed is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for fetal brain development. 

3. Baked Potato Chips

This isn’t like your typical mid-afternoon pregnancy snacks, but this food can satisfy any craving—even one for French fries! Potato for a pregnant woman can be beneficial to the growth of the baby and for the mother. It also contains folate that can be of benefit to fetal brain development.

4.Baked Banana Chips

Bananas are known to contain vitamin Potassium. This vitamin K can be of benefit to the cramps that you may experience while being pregnant. The ovary is made up of mostly muscle that may contract at some times in the duration of the pregnancy.

Healthy eating snack tips for the pregnant

Break out that brown bag! Instead of allowing your hunger pangs to take you to a trip to the vending machine, stuff your pantry, office, purse, and car with wholesome eats. And make sure you always have water within reach in case you have an itch to feast on soda.

It’s totally fine if you want something sweet to pair with your decaffeinated coffee, but instead of making a donut rush run, consider yourself feasting on a  low-sugar muffin instead. Are chips your go-to guilty pleasure? If yes, change that Doritos for baked pita chips dipped in flavorful hummus, a nutritious, protein-rich dip which was originated in India. And the next time that sweet craving tooth strikes again, reach for a creamy fruit smoothie that is made up of fresh fruits available in your refrigerator.

The only way to ensure that you are eating healthy is to make it yourself. All of the snacks that you wanted, will be all made by you. Chips may be baked and not fried to decrease the oil content on your food. This could be partnered with fruit juices that contain vitamin C for the health of your baby.

Chips for pregnant women: safe and healthy

A word of caution, chips are safe for the pregnant mommies, if and only if it will be taken moderately and not as often as taking your breakfasts or lunches. These chips should be alternatively created to suit the needs of mom-to-be and for the baby forming in your belly. So prepare that oven and go for oven-baked goodies for you and your baby.

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