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The Pros and Cons of Co-sleeping

Co-sleeping basically refers to the kind of sleeping which involves sleeping with others, cuddling and hugging. Obviously just like adults babies require affection too. It helps the baby sleep better and for long period of time without any fear. Co-sleeping is really necessary for better mental and physical development.

Just like every other thing, co-sleeping also has its pros and cons, based on which you can decide whether to prefer it or not. Read on.

Benefits/pros of co-sleeping

Below is the list of benefits of co-sleeping. Have a look.

Makes breastfeeding easier

The most obvious advantage of co-sleeping with your baby is that you can breastfeed really easily. If your baby is sleeping away from you, say in a nursery or something, it becomes harder to frequently feed him/her overnight. This is the main reason why co-sleeping is obligatory.

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Baby sleeps better:

Babies who cuddle with their parents while sleeping are predicted to sleep a lot better than those who sleep alone. Obviously when a child sleeps with their mother, even the little smell, and a touch of the baby can make him/her feel a lot better.

Mother can have a nice sleep

Mothers are mostly concerned about their babies and it is often really hard to detach them especially during the initial stages. When the child sleeps with their mother they exchange the sleeping patterns which result in ultimate affection and bonding.

Aware of every movement:

When a child regularly sleeps with their mother, the mothers become alert to their actions. She has full ideas and control over the actions of the baby. Also, the mother knows exactly when to feed him/her, when does the baby get up, how many times does he get up at night, what is his/her sleeping patterns and requirements, etc. These are a few things that are necessary for a mother to know. It is only possible when a mother is closed to her child which is why co-sleeping is really advantageous.

Family bonding:

The other reason why co-sleeping is encouraged is that it increases family bonding. Going to bed together is the perfect time and opportunity for the parents and children to have fun together, talk and share their feelings.

Reduces stress and post-partum depression:

Just after the birth most of the mothers often suffer from post-partum depression, which can affect the child too. In order to reduce stress and decrease the post-partum depression cuddling and co-sleeping is really important.

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Disadvantages/cons of co-sleeping

We’ve already looked at the advantages of co-sleeping. Now proceeding towards the disadvantages if the same kind of sleep. Just like every other thing co-sleeping also has a lot of cons. Read on to find out.

Disturbed sleeping pattern:

Even though i mentioned earlier that the co-sleeping helps improve the sleeping patterns of both the child and mother, but since not everyone can adapt to the same situation. Few of the children prefer sleeping in the crib rather than cuddling with their parents.

Higher risk of suffocation:

There were a lot of cases seen in the recent past about how the child suffocated to death while sleeping. Well, when the bed on which the mother, father and the child are sleeping is less spacious can suffocate the child which ultimately leads to death.

Increased risk of infection:

Babies sleeping with their parents and siblings can be infected with the viruses. As their immune system is weaker and is more prone to diseases, therefore babies have a higher chance of getting infections. Which is the biggest disadvantage of co-sleeping?

I’m sure you’ve decided whether to prefer co-sleeping or not, right? Well if you still haven’t chosen what to do take my advice and encourage co-sleeping. You’ll definitely never regret taking this decision.

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