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Do Babies Sleep a Lot During Growth Spurts? Know More About This Matter

Wondering whether your baby is having a growth spurt is like having to question infants if they know how math works. Growth spurts are the early stages of your baby’s developmental process and most of the time they are noticeable. Babies experience this growth spurts rapidly during their first 12 months Whether what time of the first year of your baby is, as the days go by, they are slowly getting bigger and stronger. You may not notice it day by day but the appearance, physical features will be noticeable if you go through it month by month

Even when there are days that you’ll notice that they stayed the same for a certain number of days, there will be days wherein they have rapid growth spurts suddenly. Although it may seem impossible to notice it at first, your children will just outgrow your arms in an instant. It may differ from baby to baby, but in general they’ get bigger and naughtier by the day. 

Growth spurts

If you happen to be curious if your baby sleeps a lot during growth spurts, and if you’re wondering if your baby is having a growth spurt, read below.

1. Babies will sleep like its forever!

So, if you’re asking yourself “Do babies sleep a lot during growth spurts?” The answer is, Yes! Before or during the growth spurt, your baby will sleep longer than usual. They sleep for countless of hours and will leave you wondering and asking the question, “Is he/she tired?’’. Doctors say that a lot of activities happen during their long sleep, like physiological changes that are essential for their growth and development. And whenever your baby has long hours of sleep, never try to wake them up. This is the part that will get them to grow easily.

2. They will be hungry!

Some parents and doctors find that when babies are on a growth spurt, they will often prefer eating or milking lots of it rather than just sleep through the day. If there’s any chance that your baby is eating more than usual, likely than not they’re having a growth spurt. It usually happens around 3-5 months. So, don’t worry too much whenever your baby is asking for your milk too much, your body will easily adjust to it over time. Let them drink whenever they want. Besides, milk is their go-to food choices when they’re still young. 

3. Your baby fusses than usual

Frequent fussing for your baby might seem normal, but whenever your baby is fussy almost every hour, chances are they’re having a growth spurt. But don’t mistake it from teething, some may define it as teething. In most cases, they’ll just be cranky but they will usually calm themselves, so don’t worry.

4. Your baby will be awake through the night

Even if your baby is having it’s best days sleeping, more likely than not he’ll ravage your house with their naughtiness and loudness. So don’t worry, just bond with them until they fall asleep. If they appear to have shorter naps or easily get up from a rest, they are surely having their growth spurt

How to deal with a baby having a growth spurt?

For sure, you’ll be having lack of rest when your baby is still young, although it is exhausting the breastfeed them for 24/7, always remember that it is the only nutrition they can get at this tender age. So, to avoid getting low amounts of milk, eat healthily and always hydrate! Drink lots of water and whenever you can get a good nap during the day, grab it. Because the war starts once they will wake up. Whatever changes your baby is having, never give up. The first part will always be the hardest, but you’ll be fulfilled when they’ve become bigger and stronger. Feed them the nutrients they need. 


There are a lot of factors when having to distinguish whether your baby is having a growth spurt or not, but we hope we’ve answered your question, “Do babies sleep a lot during growth spurts?” Motherhood may be a tough journey, but the fulfillment it brings once your baby outgrows your arms will be one to be cherished for!

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