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How to be a Calm Mom Gentle Parenting Techniques?

There are lots of techniques on how to be a better mom to a toddler or teenager that women can use in disciplining their children. Parenting is not as easy as we think. It requires lots of knowledge, effort and time. We are all familiar with different parenting styles but finding out what style is suited for our kids is a little bit difficult and complicated. But did you know that one of the most advisable styles of parenting is gentle parenting? Let us be honest, when we are dealing with our little ones, it is best to use this kind of parenting. This article entitled “How to be a calm mom: Gentle parenting techniques” can be your guide in dealing with parenting your child.


How to be a better mom to a teenager or a toddler? The connection is said to be the key to this kind of parenting. If your child feels the connection between the two of you, rest assured that he will feel more safe and secure venting to you. 

Understand what they are going through 

Another great tip on how to be a calm mom: gentle parenting techniques is understanding your kids’ emotions. You have to validate their feelings as part of your respect for them. When your kids feel that their feelings and emotions matter, rest assured that they will overcome the big emotions that they are going through. Knowing why they are throwing tantrums is different from allowing them to do their tantrums. Try to dig a little deeper into their emotions and ask them about the things that provoked their emotions. 

Provide the best comfort 

Another advice on how to be a calm mom: gentle parenting techniques is providing the best comfort for our little one. Encouraging the gentle parenting technique by providing comfort can help your baby get rest easily and feel more secure and valued. Parents who are embracing this parenting technique can experience improved bonding with their children. 

Show your empathy  

How to be a better parent without yelling or how to be a better mom to a baby? One of the best things that you should do is to show your empathy. There is no doubt that we are sometimes expecting our kids to act like grown-ups, but we always need to remind ourselves that they are still in the process of developmental abilities. Instead, we should focus on the ways to show our empathy to them and treat them the way we want them to treat us. 

Show your respect 

Looking for ways on how to be a calm mom: gentle parenting techniques? One of the best ways that you can do to implement this technique is to show your respect. Every one of us including our kids needs love and respect to be successful in life. Kids need more love and understanding from parents and we have to remember that we need to coach them not to control them. This is the reason why the gentle parenting technique is important in dealing with our kids. Encouraging gentle parenting techniques through respect doesn’t necessarily mean that you are giving all their whims. This style means that you are aware of coaching your kids rather than controlling them and you respect the fact that your kids are still developing and learning when they make mistakes. 

Be the best listener  

Being the best and effective listener is one of the excellent ways on how to be a better mom and wife. Also, this is considered as one of the most effective techniques when it comes to gentle parenting. Being an effective listener can be used by those moms who are trying to explore the emotions of their child. 

Have a plan 

It is a good idea to have a plan when dealing with your child’s behavior. If you have a plan and your children don’t do their chores or homework, you don’t have to rely on your feelings to make the best action for them. In this way, you can control your emotions. 

Gentle parenting is one of the best ways to discipline your kids. The ways on how to be a calm mom: gentle parenting techniques mentioned above will teach you how to stay calm, passionate and pick your battles wisely with your kids. This parenting style is about focusing on connecting with your kids without compromising the respect and boundaries that you have set. 

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